Saturday, January 1, 2011

2010 Memories

Ahhhh January 2010
Felix started daycare and the oven caught fire. I went back to work. And opened my own business.

February 2010
We all got sick. I had a sinus infection and mastitis and a birthday.

March 2010
I worked a lot, got a bladder infection and we all went a bit stir crazy.
April 2010
Road trip! Rented a car and headed down to my mom's for Easter weekend. Then I got a new computer. 

May 2010
I donated blood for the first time. Took a road trip to the wildlife park. Jay's step-mother took a swan dive down our stairs, breaking her arm and injuring her leg. Jay had a birthday. There was lots of poo. We explored the ruins at a historic site.

June 2010
Elliot got creative with scissors. Felix moved into a big boy bed. We took a long walk over a big bridge and watched the war canoe races. We climbed a tall tower.

July 2010
Jay cut Elliot's hair. Felix turned 2. We made lots of sidewalk chalk cities. We ate many, many raspberries. I started weaning off my antidepressants. We went to all the walking trails and parks we could find. The boys got jiggy with it.

August 2010
The panic attacks started and Felix weaned from breastfeeding while on another road trip.  We spent lots of time exploring different playgrounds and the water park. We rode on the Harbour Hopper - a car/boat hybrid painted like a frog.
September 2010
I went to university! Elliot started preschool! Hurricane Earl blew through! We celebrated our 5th wedding anniversary! Elliot turned 4! I dislocated Felix's elbow! Big month.

October 2010
I gave up caffeine. And bashed my finger on Halloween - the boys had fun, though! We went on a miniature train ride. And on another road trip. And made a big Thanksgiving dinner. And had a blast at the Fall Fair.

November 2010
I gave up sugar and all things good. There was monumental flooding through out the region after a record breaking 7 days of rain. First snow fall! Elliot went to the dentist to have a one of his front teeth  smoothed.  More outings to the park.

December 2010
The sickies descended again, with multiple bouts of strep throats, ear infections and barking coughs for everyone, plus an ER visit for Elliot. We saw Santa (and may have infected him.) We took a whirlwind road trip, driving 3.5 hours in each direction to go to a 4 hour family party - all in one day. Visited a ball pit, built a snowman, went sledding, made a gingerbread house, buried the tree in presents, played with lots of trains. Saw fireworks.... said goodbye to 2010.

2011, we welcome you and wonder what you have in store?!


sweet & lovely crafts said...

What an awesome recap for the year!!

Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

Happy New Year!

Looks like you had an awesome adventure in 2010. Here's hoping 2011 brings you health, wealth and happiness.=)

Rainyday said...

Thanks, my lovelies! Wishes of an awesome 2011 being sent out to you as well!

ixBeths said...

I remember most of these events! I have been reading you a yearish! Happy 2011, Rainyday family!

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