Monday, February 22, 2010

Sickness becomes us

So, where have I been, you ask, dear reader?

Well, after my run in with mastitis (from which I recovered - mostly - by Saturday), Felix cut 2 teeth and then woke up with a double ear infection on Tuesday. He went on antibiotics, which kicked in just in time for Elliot to get pink eye on Friday. And let me tell you - holding a child down in order to force polysporin drops into his eye 4 times per day is no picnic. I'd rather eat dirt. The eye started to look normal again yesterday morning - and then Elliot started barfing that afternoon. And then he passed that torch to Felix and they took turns every hour until somewhere after midnight. And then dear hubby picked up that ball and ran with it. And then Elliot developed an ear infection so he is also medicated. It's Monday night and I'm exhausted and scared I may be succumbing to the nastiness myself. Let's just hope not.

Oh and sweet jeebus, I just looked over to see Elliot's other eye pinking up and starting to ooze.

Note to self: Must. Disinfect. House.

It's my birthday on Thursday. I fear we may all be dead by then.

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