Saturday, February 27, 2010


I've been feeling miserable since Tuesday and trying to ignore it. Head cold, sore throat, etc. Going to work, slogging through, trying to keep it all together. Last night was rough, throat took a turn for the worst and I thought I had strep. Couldn't go to the walk in clinics because a storm had knocked out power most places.

I've been using a Neti Pot since Wednesday night. Man, those things terrify me. When I was a teenager, my mom and her close friend discovered the benefit of a Neti Pot and were raving about them. I was intrigued and asked them to help me out with it. They held me down and poured it in. I sputtered and screamed and kicked and thought I was dying. I've avoided them ever since. (Neti Pots, not mom.) Last year, I bought one, since again, I'd heard amazing things and figured with all the colds the boys had been sharing, I should try it. Of course, it sat in the cupboard as the days turned into weeks and then months and then longer. But Wednesday I couldn't put it off any more.

I dug it out, washed it out, filled it, poured in one of the 50 saline solution packets that came with it, leaned over the bathroom sink, put it to my left nostril and tilted my head. Jay stood beside me, holding my hand, reminding me to breathe normally through my mouth. We waited. Soon, I felt a zing by my left eye. Then over my right eye. Then it started to dribble out my right nostril. I removed the pot and blew my nose and marveled at the huge amount of snot that shot out. Then Jay read the part of the instructions that said to "Repeat in other nostril." I had a total WTF moment, whimpered a bit, then bent back over the sink. It took much longer to make it's way from right to left. A surprisingly long time. But it eventually completed it's loop and I was rewarded by more thick yellow stuff.

Then Jay wanted to try it. It was only fair, right? He washed and refilled the pot with warm water only. It took about 2 seconds for it to shoot through and he came up sputtering. Such a difference in the speed when your sinuses aren't inflamed!

So I did the Neti bit morning and night. It felt nice for about an hour afterwards, then I was heavy and pounding again. Not sure if I helped or hindered the infection. I'm scared I made it worse and introduced new and creative bacteria up there. I did a bad thing and used warm water straight from the tap: not distilled or previously boiled as per the instructions. By Friday, it wasn't making a difference, and I spent a good 20 minutes trying to get the solution to flow through. I was miserable.

Got up this morning, showered, started to get ready for work, but by the time I came downstairs, I was in tears from the pain. Jay said he wanted to be supportive, but he simply couldn't let me go to work. So, I called in sick - boy, were they not happy. The walk in clinic opened at 11, so I took a cab there and waited for over an hour. (An oddly short wait, given the amount of people already there ahead of me!)

So, the verdict is that I have a raging sinus infection. The doctor was kind of impressed by the amount of swelling and pain I have. Then he checked my throat and was surprised/alarmed at the amount of pus there. Since there was a lack of redness and other signs of strep, he just said it could be anything, but that the Amoxil for my sinuses would wipe out whatever it was.

Oh, and the best part... he wrote me a note (WITHOUT me asking) saying I'm not fit for work until Wednesday. The only reason I know I won't be fired is that they need me - especially now, when it's peak season and we have clients waiting an average of 90 minutes just to see us. Might not have a job next tax season, though... I kid, well, sort of. I'm good at my job and I know they need me... I'm sure there will always be a place for me. I hope. Anyhoo, yesterday I spent my day sleeping and watching TV with the boys, instead of preparing tax returns and infecting the unsuspecting public.

This had better be the end of the death-plague-sickies that have moved into our house. I am so beyond done it's not even wryly amusing anymore.

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