Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Felix Felicis

In the last few weeks of Felix's pregnancy, once I was allowed off of bedrest, Elliot and I would go for daily walks. Sometimes just down the street to sit on the steps outside of the coffee shop, snacking and watching traffic on the busy street. Or we'd walk around the block, this way or that way, before heading home for lunch and a nap.

I got into the habit of finding four leaf clovers on almost every walk. We'd bring them home and lay them flat between the pages of the phone book or something. Or they'd shrivel up, forgotten, on the counter or floor inside the front hall.

At this point, we didn't know if the baby was a boy or a girl, but we had pretty much decided on the name 'Felix' for a boy. We hadn't settled on anything for a girl, had a short list of favourites, but nothing decided. After my water broke at 30 weeks and somehow resealed, allowing me to make it to term (and longer) before he was born, I started researching names meaning "lucky".

The only name I could find was Felix. Or the feminine version, Felice. This pretty much cemented it in my hormonal brain that we were having a boy, since the name matched what we'd already picked out! And because I didn't like the feminine version.

I'm still finding four leaf clovers on our walks, this time with both boys in tow. Last weekend, we went to a park we hadn't been to before - we had a rental car so it allowed us a bit more freedom. Sure enough, walking across the grass, I spied this...
I carefully tried to save it, but it wilted instantly in the humidity. I carried it up to the top of the 10-story tower in the middle of the park and tossed it over the fenced-in edge. Where it caught on a wire and could still be hanging there, luckily, for all I know!

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

crazy slowly going am i

Or maybe make that quickly.

I've gotten very absent-minded of late. Of the last 4 events/appointments we've planned to attend, I've screwed up 3 of them. A baby shower brunch - that's at 2pm, right? Wrong! By chance, I thought to double-check the invite with enough time to spare to get me there at 10. Not so lucky with Elliot's friend's birthday party. I was certain it was from 2-4 but decided to look at the invite again for some reason. And found out that it was from 11-1. And I discovered this at 1:13. Oops. (Bad mommy!)

But the best/worst snafu was from this morning. On Friday, we got a letter from the children's hospital saying that Felix's referral to the ENT specialist to discuss tubes in his ears had gone through (lightening fast, I thought!) and was scheduled for the 22nd at 9:15. I read it a few times to confirm. Still felt weird about it, since it had happened so fast, thought maybe I had misread and it said 2011, so I dug it out again this morning and double checked. Yep, June 22, 9:15.

We got there just on time and I registered with the receptionist. Who couldn't find us on the day's list. I pulled out the letter and confirmed, to myself, that it was correct. Until she said it was for July 22nd. I read it again. Yep. That's what it said.

Oops. She said the doctor we were referred to wasn't even in the clinic that day, otherwise they would have squeezed us in. Oh well. There was a huge electric train display in the lobby and Felix watched fasicinated as train after train went by - "Thomsi!" he would shout, when the Thomas engine went past. Good times. Turns out they are there Monday through Friday from 9-11. Must make a visit with Elliot. He would love it!

It's a good thing there's a detailed double-check system in my bookkeeping and tax software. I wouldn't want me in charge of my finances just now, not with this history!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Almost worse than running with scissors

is turning your back on a preschooler with scissors. Who knew those dull things were so sharp? Well, at least it wasn't his hair. Or MY hair!!!

Luckily, it's just an old sweater and an even older placemat.

Laundry basket wasn't so old, though. Boo!

An Elliot funny for today:

I was sweeping the floor this morning and Elliot calls out in a voice full of excitement: "Mama - some of your dirts are moving!!!" And then in a stage whisper, slightly alarmed - "Hey! It's BUGS!!!"

Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Rhythm!

Is was such a treat to sip my coffee and virtually peruse the latest edition of Rhythm of the Home, an online magazine my friend Bernadette co-edits and publishes. Such an inspiring wealth of ideas.

Just wanted to share...

In other news, I'm off today. Sitting here in my own stink as I haven't dragged myself up to the shower yet after going to the gym after dropping the boys at daycare. Listening to the hum of the fridge motor and the clicks and drips as the dish washer enters it's drying cycle.

Last night, we'd forgotten to turn on the hall light. It's a rare occurrence when I'm downstairs after the boys are asleep - typically, I'm snoring alongside Elliot in his bed. Since he didn't nap yesterday (or for the last 3 days, actually) he passed out pretty quickly. It was still light out when I tiptoed down the stairs and sat at my desk to finish some bookkeeping for a client. When I decided to head up to bed around 10:30 and snapped off the light above the computer, the house was in darkness. I stood in the kitchen and listened to the quiet. It was so peaceful. I need to do more of that. Maybe even start meditating again. My body is craving inner quiet and stillness. It's time to provide.
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