Tuesday, June 1, 2010

New Rhythm!

Is was such a treat to sip my coffee and virtually peruse the latest edition of Rhythm of the Home, an online magazine my friend Bernadette co-edits and publishes. Such an inspiring wealth of ideas.

Just wanted to share...

In other news, I'm off today. Sitting here in my own stink as I haven't dragged myself up to the shower yet after going to the gym after dropping the boys at daycare. Listening to the hum of the fridge motor and the clicks and drips as the dish washer enters it's drying cycle.

Last night, we'd forgotten to turn on the hall light. It's a rare occurrence when I'm downstairs after the boys are asleep - typically, I'm snoring alongside Elliot in his bed. Since he didn't nap yesterday (or for the last 3 days, actually) he passed out pretty quickly. It was still light out when I tiptoed down the stairs and sat at my desk to finish some bookkeeping for a client. When I decided to head up to bed around 10:30 and snapped off the light above the computer, the house was in darkness. I stood in the kitchen and listened to the quiet. It was so peaceful. I need to do more of that. Maybe even start meditating again. My body is craving inner quiet and stillness. It's time to provide.

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