Saturday, May 29, 2010

Oh for the love of poo!

The situation: birthday party at a large indoor play structure. Intricate rope-floor climbing, lots of tunnels and tall slides.

The issue: 5 minutes in, from atop the structure, Elliot gets 'the look' and calls down to me, "I had a poop accident."


I tell him to carefully come down, and then I panic - we don't have any other pull-ups except the ones he's wearing. Not even any extra underwear. (Bad mother!!!) A friend's husband offers to run to the nearest drug store for me while I get him cleaned up.

In we go, cleaned up, pants back on. I waiver - do I let him back on the structure sans containment - poop accidents are notorious for coming in multiple around here. But it seems so unfair to make him sit out the rest of the party. And it should only be a bit longer before reinforcements arrive.

And then it happens. Just as the parents are rounding up all the kidlets and herding them into the party room, my mommy instincts kick in. I glance up. Sure enough. Same area. Same look. Same refrain. This time I tell him to stay put and I quickly look around: friend's hubs isn't back yet. We have no spare clothes. (Bad, bad mother!) I vent to my friend as I make my way over to the multi-floored rope area and start to slither up through. There must be at least 6 levels. I reach Elliot and wonder how the frack I'm gonna get him down without raining poo on those beneath us. Luckily, the lump had stopped on his calf and I whipped his socks up over his pantlegs and then we waddled over to the opening in the floor, singing our waddling song as we went.

Made it to the bottom and good friend (who has already loaned out hubs for the pull-up run) hands me her daughter's yellow ladybug print shorts. She takes Elliot to the loo while I talk to the staff and tell them there may be errant poo. Up into the rope labyrinth I go but thankfully, I didn't find any escapees.

Hosed Elliot down, soaped up his legs as he was getting ripe, just in time for hubs to arrive with pull-ups, and - oh my!- a Starbucks iced mocha. Delish. Bestest. Friends. Ever.

Enjoyed the rest of the party. Headed home, uneventfully. Until after supper, anyway, but I'd gone out for groceries, leaving Jay home with the boys. Not my turn!

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Bethsix said...

That is BRUTAL. I once forgot to bring an extra diaper to one of my babies' two-week checkups, and OF COURSE, there was an explosive diarrhea incident. I remember getting to the doctor and asking if they happened to have extra diapers, and they just looked at me like I was SO stupid.

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