Sunday, May 2, 2010

Longest April Fool's ever...

not to mention cruelest.

I thought long and hard how to title this post. Surprise! maybe? Now you see it now you don't! maybe? Whatever the case, here is the photographic evidence. I thought I might wear a dress to work yesterday, and then quickly decided against it.

(Ignore Elliot's messy room!)

Um nope. Not pregnant. I swear. And I have a bunch of peed-on sticks that tell the same story. But I sure had you fooled, right? You and everyone else I pass on the street. I don't even get mad when someone asks anymore. Because it's pitifully obvious that I must be expecting twins, right? Yeah, my chocolate and yeast babies. I have such an old man's beer gut. Disgusting. And I know what to do to fix it - lay off chocolate/sugar and breadstuffs. But I can't. And it's seriously hurting my body.

If I could only muster up the energy to do some exercises and tone my flabs, then I could at least hold the beast in convincingly.

But, alas, I fail at that too, and so now I'm just going to blog about my self-induced misfortune. I'm enjoying my food. I really am. And that's only a tiny part an excuse.

But seriously, folks, now that tax season is over, I'm planning to escort myself to the gym. I do miss it - it's been at least 4 years since I darkened their doors!

And just for fun, a bird's eye view:

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