Rainy News

I am, have been or will be a cloth diaper fan, breastfeeding advocate, wine drinking, chocolate hoarding, novel writing, medicated, caffeine-free, survivor of sexual violence, university mama, combo SAHM/WAHM/Working-mama to 2 wild and wonderful little boys. I blog, but it's more of a diary. So far, I don't have a niche or set days of the week where I write about a certain thing. It's a whirlwind, peeps!

Official back story:  made a break for the big city just after High School to attend school to become a massage therapist. That didn't last long - after 2 months, I realized I'd rather receive a massage than give a massage and so the course was dropped.

In 2001, returned to my hometown to take the glorified secretarial course at the community college and have since worked for a web design company, managed an acupuncture clinic,  handled the finance department of a non-profit publishing company and as a tax professional in a busy tax office.

2005 - I became a married woman!

2006 - I became a mama!

2008- Mama again!

In 2009, my "spare time" bookkeeping job grew into an actual business with both in-home and on-site client meetings.

In 2010, I went to university to start a 4 year Bachelor of Commerce program. Hope to be done in 5. Then on to become a chartered accountant with a specialization in investigative (forensic) accounting.  Have revamped this idea for 2011. Focusing on my current bookkeeping business and headed back to community college to grad the couple of courses remaining before I can become a certified bookkeeper within an association of bookkeepers. 

Want to whine? I might just respond! Make my rainy day!

You are my sunshine, peeps!

aka Aimee


Where does your name Rainy come from? Is it related to the name of your blog?

  When I first started this blog, we in the midst of a looooong string of rainy days. That coupled with the PPD I was dealing with, along with 2 young boys (who were almost 1 & 3 at the time) left me in quite a mental mess. Massive amounts of chocolate (and wine) topped the short list of things that made me happy. That made it feel sunny again. And so Chocolate on a Rainy Day was born. Since then, I've adopted Rainy as an online persona, using it or Rainyday as my signature on other blog posts and forums.
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