Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Portage la sidewalk!

I had a brief meeting with a new bookkeeping client here at the house last week. Felix was napping. Elliot and Jay's 11 yr old cousin (who I watched all week since her babysitter was on vacation - she was so good with the boys!) were in the living room watching Wall-E.

She came up to me in the middle of the meeting and said she couldn't find Elliot. bigeyes.gif

The front (screen) door was ajar. Normally, I keep it closed tight when the heavy main door is open, and generally I keep the inner door (with the child knob) closed. Apparently none of those things happened - I can't remember who came in the house last, but it was probably my client. But I should have checked. So dumb of me.

I ran outside to see Elliot coming up the sidewalk towards the house, barefoot, pushing his wheelbarrow, which had been on our front porch. My neighbour was at her front steps and she said she happened to see him go past, headed down the street. (She was minding 4 kids that day and happened to look up in time to see Elliot go past.) He was way down there before she either managed to call him back, or chased after him. NO idea where he thought he was going, but he was excited to have the freedom. So scary. Thankfully he knows his name & address, if anyone found him and tried to bring him home. Not even going to speculate what might have happened if someone who didn't want to bring him home had spotted him.

He's such an adventurer. No fear. But, the Great Escape is a toddler rite of passage, isn't it?? Cheeky boy.

And then there's Felix, who was discovered climbing the toy shelves last night.

Definitely got my hands full with these two!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Is it in my genes?

So I've been blogging a food diary. You may have seen it. It's pretty boring. Looking through it, I can see how unmotivated I am. I'm a lazy person. Sure, it shows a lot of long walks, but not having a car and hating the bus mean that I walk everywhere. I saunter, I take my time. I used to speed walk everywhere. I used to go to the gym 3-5 days a week. Now I'm happy if I get to pee by myself at least once a day.

Everyone who sees a picture of my mother or meets her for the first time comments on how she looks so young. How she can't possibly be the mother of 4. How she must have had us when she was just a baby herself.

Yes, she looks fantastic. She's healthy and full of life. When I look at pictures of her from my childhood, she looks older somehow. But, the hairstyles and clothing from the 70s and 80s weren't that flattering, so maybe that contributes to the difference I see in the pictures? Or maybe having 3 kids so close together aged her quickly. Add in the 4th, years down the road, and it can put a lot of stress on you.

But she has time for herself now. My youngest brother heads off to university next week. In the last decade, my mom has turned back the hands of time. Maybe this means that I have good genes on my side and just need to push through these current years and will look my best once we start to slide into that empty nest area?? It's depressing to think it may be another 10 years before I start to like the person in the mirror again.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Perfectly normal

A month ago I thought I might be pregnant. This was terrifying and exciting news. Jay wasn't thrilled. I'm still holding out hope that he may be on board for a attempting third in about a year or so from now, but it's kinda slim hope. Stuffed under a bed in a dark corner but trying to drag itself out by its teeth kind of hope. We'll see. I haven't yet gotten my periods back since having Felix, but I'm on the pill. It's making for some confusing months. And many (negative) pregnancy tests. My body has been feeling for months now that my period may be around the corner, but so far she's just stalking me, I guess. I saw my doctor 2 weeks ago and got a prescription for my old pill with the normal hormones in it (I'm currently on the minipill)... this pill will bring back Aunt Flo, ready or not.

I was also sent for blood work. Mostly to check my thyroid function to monitor things since I developed a supposedly benign nodule on my thyroid whilst prego. But also a full blood work up, since I haven't had the standard stuff tested in well over a year.

I also went for xrays on my "mother's wrist", since there was the possibility that on top of the tendinitis, I may have a fracture or bone spur or other such growth causing the pain. It's still interfering with day to day life and may need to be surgically corrected (EEP!) since stretches, chiro, massage and osteo haven't helped. I'm wearing a brace 60% of the time, too.

Went for the follow up appointment today to get the results. And the news is - wait for it - I'm perfectly normal. Even my stupid wrist. So I'm now going to go for physio to do what i can to strengthen it.

And I saw my dentist today.

Back story: When I was 36 weeks pregnant with Elliot (yes, 3 years ago now) I had a root canal done because my face exploded into pain and I didn't sleep for nearly a week and had multiple emergency dental visits. At first, they wouldn't do an xray to confirm things, just made their decision to do the root canal based on my previous xrays that showed deterioration. The next day, I was still in immense pain and I demanded the xray. It showed that the tooth next to the one they worked on ALSO (instead of??) needed desperate work. Not a full root canal, but a 'pulpectomy'. Lovely, huh? After they fixed that, I felt so much better.

The first root canal was re-cleaned and capped 10 weeks later. Then crowned. It never felt 'right', but not having a root canal before, I figured it was normal. Lately, it's been hurting more than usual, so I had it checked. There's an infection. And there shouldn't be an infection because I don't have a root on that tooth and everything should be sealed up super tight.

So now I'm waiting to hear from a specialist to see if they are going to drill down through the crown and redo the root canal or if it's going to have to be a more extensive surgery where they go in through the jaw bone.

Up until 3 years ago, I didn't have a fear of dentists. *shudder*

On that ever-so-cheerful note, I will end here and go to bed. Had a long day today and tomorrow both boys are home so it promises to be extra special. Sleep, followed by more sleep, then some coffee, will help.

Good night, dear reader!

Sunday, August 9, 2009

CDing the older child

At nearly 3 years old and 34 lbs, Elliot's mainly in Fuzzi Bunz pocket diapers these days. He's in daycare 2 days a week and wears disposables there. He also wears disposables at night. I'm debating putting him in 'sposies full time now. I don't really want to, as we've been CDing since he was a newborn and it just seems to defeat the purpose, but, if he's in a FB when we go out, they leak. Every time. It's the way he sits in the stroller, or walks or something. I can usually get 2-3 hours out of him before it's time for a change, but when we're out, it's 1-2, max, and usually involves a huge leak and a change of pants. So I've taken to putting him in 'sposies when we leave the house, too. And he fights changes something wicked. He can go all day in 2-4 disposables, depending on how many times he poops.

I'm researching other CDs that are good for toddlers. He's outgrown the large Sandys diapers that I also like - but I know they have toddler size and may look into that. I was just hoping to not have to restock a bunch of CDs at this age. I'm also trying to find different inserts to stuff the FBs with that might be more absorbent. I'm sure the current (original) insert is partly at fault, but the dipes themselves are fitting differently now, too. I don't like using hemp inserts, as I find they really stink over time, but maybe I've just been using the wrong kind? But hemp or bamboo would probably be the most absorbent, while still staying trim fitting. I've seen a microfiber/hemp combo that might work. Or maybe I just need a thicker, fresher microfiber...

Ugh, I don't want to give in and go to disposables, but they're so easy. And mostly leak proof. But stopping CDs now might give him that much more incentive to stay in diapers. So far, he's been refusing potty training. I'm too exhausted and busy chasing Felix to push him, plus I don't want to push him too hard. I figure he'll be ready when he's ready. (Though I know I missed the best window - it was at the same time Felix was born. That's when Elliot showed the most interest in PTing. He peed on the potty a few times and even asked to go once when we were in the mall - and did, when I rushed him to the family washroom. But then after that, he'd ask to go when we were out, we'd rush there and get all ready, then he'd say "Not today. Maybe tomorrow.")

For recent potty training, I've tried taking diapers away and letting him go naked around the house (and tried fun boy print underwear) but he fights it. He threw the potty at me one day. Thankfully, it was empty at the time. I thought with the warmer weather he'd be interested in running around the backyard naked, but no dice there, either. (Except in the wading pool - he demands to be naked there, and yesterday he told me that his "penis peed a lot" while he was in the water. A start, I guess.)

At least I feel semi-ok about the disposable diapers he uses now: a new, store brand dipe, the PC Green diapers that are fragrance free and made with wood pulp. They are a reasonable price, too... but I think they're mostly reasonable because we're not using them full time. His size comes in a pack of 40 for $16. They were on sale this week, for $12.99, so we stocked up...

Sunday again

Wow, so the week from hell continued and I *think*/*hope* it's over. My Wednesday continued with me calling the Nurse Link line again and describing all of Felix's fever symptoms, hoping they could guide me as to if it was just an immunization reaction or the start of strep throat. Their check list pointed to it being more likely a result of the needles, so I waited it out. Luckily, by Thursday, his fever started to go down.

Elliot's antibiotics had kicked in by Wednesday, so he started to be less cranky. But only slightly. He had a wicked case of cabin fever. Both boys were cantankerous bears, but we muddles through. I noticed Elliot scratching a nasty looking bug bite on the back of his right leg. Then I forgot all about it, until Thursday morning. That's when I saw he had scratched it raw and it was oozing (and no longer resembled a bug bite, just torn flesh) and his calf was swollen to twice the size of the other and it was hot and hard. Cleaned it, put on a hot compress, then some polysporin and a bandaid and sent him to daycare (hallelujah!).

It was still still rock hard and warm when I picked him up that night. In hindsight, I should have taken him to the walk in clinic then... called the Nurse Link line for the 3rd time in as many days that night, and they confirmed what I already knew - he should be seen by a doctor. The good news was that since there were no red streaks coming from it, we didn't have to rush to the ER. They said it should be seen within 24 hours, and that sooner was better. So Jay bundled Elliot up and they hightailed it to the walkin clinic at our dr's office.

They left home at 7pm. By 10, I still hadn't heard from them and was getting nervous. I was worried that the infection was so bad (ie flesh eating disease) that they rushed them over to the hospital and were amputating below the knee to save the rest of his leg. At 10:05, Jay called. They had just left the clinic and were heading to the pharmacy to get new antibiotics. They got hom around 11:30.

The new stuff is a broad spectrum antibiotic which replaces the Amoxil he was on for strep throat. The dr had drawn a fun map around the hard parts of Elliot's calf for us to monitor. We had an appointment to take him back for a follow up appointment the next day.

Friday was taken up with that dr's appointment, and the fantastic and wonderful loan of my mother in law's car. We got to drive around in air conditioned bliss and even popped out of town to visit friend's and go swimming in their lake.

Everyone seems on the mend now. Felix also chose this week to drop a nap. It's been fun! He's going down between 10-11 and sleeping for 2ish hours, then needing a 20 minute catnap around 4:30... still need to find a way to get him sleeping by himself all night long. I bought a futon for the guest bed a few months ago, and bought a cheap one, figuring it wouldn't be slept on much, and certainly not for more than 1-2 night's in a row. Yeah. I've been in there for at least 5 hours every night since. And boy, does it hurt my poor body.

I should stop doing my self-help through osmosis thing, and start reading all those baby sleep help books I bought. Maybe there's an answer in one of them?

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Friday yet?

What a week and it's only Wednesday.

Sunday night, Elliot spiked a fever. It was 103 in his ear, which means it was at least 104 internally. (I refuse to subject my 3 yr old to a rectal thermometer!) Monday morning, he was so polite and good natured. Jay and I looked at each other with alarm. Who.was.this.child??? (Especially since both Sat & Sun mornings he went batshitinsaneballistic.)

At lunch time, he said the blueberries hurt his mouth. Thinking they might be stuck between his teeth, I peeked inside. And saw that he had strep throat. It was the Natal Day holiday Monday, and there was only 1 walk in clinic open in the city that we could find, so off we set. After 2.5 hours, we got confirmation and a prescription for amoxil. Which took over 24 hours to kick in. He's been batshitinsane since then.

Tuesday I took Felix for his 1 year check up and shots. Poor little monkey SCREAMED with totally justified rage when his nice dr jammed the 1st needle in his thigh. I was nursing him at the time and his mouth opened wide, dribbling the unswallowed milk everywhere. His hemangioma darkened to a deep purple, almost black and for a moment I thought 'Here goes. THIS is the time it will just rocket off his face and drench us all in gore.' But it settled down. Poor boy. He'd been happily smiling and playing peek a boo with the dr moments before, and now he was buried in my neck, shooting highly distrustful and pissed off looks out at her.

He settled down enough, then it was round 2 - the MMR shot in his arm. More screams. More black hemangioma and threatening looks. But more mama milk soon calmed him down enough that the incident was, mostly, forgotten.

There might have been a 3rd immunization, but since Elliot thoughtfully brought home chicken pox from daycare when Felix was 7 months old, there was no need for that vaccination. We would have delayed it until school age, anyway. Which is what we did with Elliot, and the rest is history!

Tuesday afternoon, Elliot had such a wicked melt down, I went next door and asked if they could take Felix for 20 minutes or so while I calmed down the banshee.

That night at supper, I turned around to see Elliot's finger buried up to a knuckle in his nose. I asked him first if he needed a tissue, but there was something about his behaviour that made me ask what was up there. He giggled and said "Macaroni." Stinker. I could only just see it when I tilted his head and flared out his nostril. I couldn't get him to blow it out, so I called the brand new Nurse Link line that they just set up here last week and they confirmed we had tried everything we could at home and we should take him to the IWK.

Back over to our neighbour's I went - she graciously drove Jay & Elliot there and even left her daughter's car seat so they could cab home if she wasn't able to come back for them! At the hospital, after looking at it, they decided to try one more thing: Jay had to lay Elliot down, cover the non-noodled nostril and blow hard into Elliot's mouth. He had to do it about 5 times (and there was much talk at that point about having to freeze his nose and extract it, since it didn't appear to be working) but then the noodle came down far enough that they were able to sit Elliot up again and get him to blow really hard a few times and it shot out. Lucky duck. Extraction wouldn't have been fun. But I half wish they had done the extraction, if only to teach him a lesson. (Bad mama!) I think he knows the seriousness of the situation now, but it would be even harder to forget about it is they when the freezing & such route.

When they came home Elliot ran up to me and said, very solemnly, "That wasn't a good idea."

This morning, Wednesday, Felix has a fever. It's only 100.5 (in his ear), but he's rather cranky. Probably just a reaction to the immunizations, but I really hope it's not the start of strep throat. The dr said to minimize the boys' contact, and to not let them share food/cups/utensils. Yeah right. Easypeasy.

I've spent the last 3 nights bed hopping and medicating the boys. *YAWN* I told Jay this morning that he should feel free to come home from work early! And where are my boys now, you might be wondering? Parked in front of the TV while I sip my coffee and cruise the internet. I won't be winning any awards today. We always said that our kids wouldn't watch much, if any, TV. And when that started to change, we vowed that the TV wouldn't become a babysitter. Things never work out the way you plan. I console myself with the knowledge that we screen their shows and they have a short list of programs we deem to be a good mix of education/entertaining.

Ahhhh. And then mama gets time to pee alone. Cook supper. Surf the internet. Put one child down for a nap so the other doesn't go batshitinsanedestructive... you know, the basics!
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