Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Portage la sidewalk!

I had a brief meeting with a new bookkeeping client here at the house last week. Felix was napping. Elliot and Jay's 11 yr old cousin (who I watched all week since her babysitter was on vacation - she was so good with the boys!) were in the living room watching Wall-E.

She came up to me in the middle of the meeting and said she couldn't find Elliot. bigeyes.gif

The front (screen) door was ajar. Normally, I keep it closed tight when the heavy main door is open, and generally I keep the inner door (with the child knob) closed. Apparently none of those things happened - I can't remember who came in the house last, but it was probably my client. But I should have checked. So dumb of me.

I ran outside to see Elliot coming up the sidewalk towards the house, barefoot, pushing his wheelbarrow, which had been on our front porch. My neighbour was at her front steps and she said she happened to see him go past, headed down the street. (She was minding 4 kids that day and happened to look up in time to see Elliot go past.) He was way down there before she either managed to call him back, or chased after him. NO idea where he thought he was going, but he was excited to have the freedom. So scary. Thankfully he knows his name & address, if anyone found him and tried to bring him home. Not even going to speculate what might have happened if someone who didn't want to bring him home had spotted him.

He's such an adventurer. No fear. But, the Great Escape is a toddler rite of passage, isn't it?? Cheeky boy.

And then there's Felix, who was discovered climbing the toy shelves last night.

Definitely got my hands full with these two!

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amanda c. said...

Scary adventure! We had one of those too when James decided he should walk to my grandmothers without telling anyone. Horrible. How is it that no baby books ever prepare you for how you will have to worry about everything?

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