Sunday, August 9, 2009

Sunday again

Wow, so the week from hell continued and I *think*/*hope* it's over. My Wednesday continued with me calling the Nurse Link line again and describing all of Felix's fever symptoms, hoping they could guide me as to if it was just an immunization reaction or the start of strep throat. Their check list pointed to it being more likely a result of the needles, so I waited it out. Luckily, by Thursday, his fever started to go down.

Elliot's antibiotics had kicked in by Wednesday, so he started to be less cranky. But only slightly. He had a wicked case of cabin fever. Both boys were cantankerous bears, but we muddles through. I noticed Elliot scratching a nasty looking bug bite on the back of his right leg. Then I forgot all about it, until Thursday morning. That's when I saw he had scratched it raw and it was oozing (and no longer resembled a bug bite, just torn flesh) and his calf was swollen to twice the size of the other and it was hot and hard. Cleaned it, put on a hot compress, then some polysporin and a bandaid and sent him to daycare (hallelujah!).

It was still still rock hard and warm when I picked him up that night. In hindsight, I should have taken him to the walk in clinic then... called the Nurse Link line for the 3rd time in as many days that night, and they confirmed what I already knew - he should be seen by a doctor. The good news was that since there were no red streaks coming from it, we didn't have to rush to the ER. They said it should be seen within 24 hours, and that sooner was better. So Jay bundled Elliot up and they hightailed it to the walkin clinic at our dr's office.

They left home at 7pm. By 10, I still hadn't heard from them and was getting nervous. I was worried that the infection was so bad (ie flesh eating disease) that they rushed them over to the hospital and were amputating below the knee to save the rest of his leg. At 10:05, Jay called. They had just left the clinic and were heading to the pharmacy to get new antibiotics. They got hom around 11:30.

The new stuff is a broad spectrum antibiotic which replaces the Amoxil he was on for strep throat. The dr had drawn a fun map around the hard parts of Elliot's calf for us to monitor. We had an appointment to take him back for a follow up appointment the next day.

Friday was taken up with that dr's appointment, and the fantastic and wonderful loan of my mother in law's car. We got to drive around in air conditioned bliss and even popped out of town to visit friend's and go swimming in their lake.

Everyone seems on the mend now. Felix also chose this week to drop a nap. It's been fun! He's going down between 10-11 and sleeping for 2ish hours, then needing a 20 minute catnap around 4:30... still need to find a way to get him sleeping by himself all night long. I bought a futon for the guest bed a few months ago, and bought a cheap one, figuring it wouldn't be slept on much, and certainly not for more than 1-2 night's in a row. Yeah. I've been in there for at least 5 hours every night since. And boy, does it hurt my poor body.

I should stop doing my self-help through osmosis thing, and start reading all those baby sleep help books I bought. Maybe there's an answer in one of them?


bethsix said...

Geeeez. This is AWFUL. I saw a medical show a few days ago where this little girl hit her eyebrow on her family's coffee table and got stitches that then got infected by necrotizing fasciitis (y'know, flesh-eating bacteria)... At least the hard, fevery leg wasn't THAT. (It's pretty sad when that's the consolation I'm offering. :))

I've been saying I'm going to read Healthy Sleep Habits... for, um, at least three years. I should probably get on that.

the cantons said...

You've had a rough couple of days! I think we should gt a picture of the leg map.

Ouch on the futton. But more money doesn't mean better - I spent a fortune on a new mattress while pregnant, it made my hip hurt .. I blamed it on the pregnancy. It wasn't, I wake up sore most mornings still :(

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