Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Perfectly normal

A month ago I thought I might be pregnant. This was terrifying and exciting news. Jay wasn't thrilled. I'm still holding out hope that he may be on board for a attempting third in about a year or so from now, but it's kinda slim hope. Stuffed under a bed in a dark corner but trying to drag itself out by its teeth kind of hope. We'll see. I haven't yet gotten my periods back since having Felix, but I'm on the pill. It's making for some confusing months. And many (negative) pregnancy tests. My body has been feeling for months now that my period may be around the corner, but so far she's just stalking me, I guess. I saw my doctor 2 weeks ago and got a prescription for my old pill with the normal hormones in it (I'm currently on the minipill)... this pill will bring back Aunt Flo, ready or not.

I was also sent for blood work. Mostly to check my thyroid function to monitor things since I developed a supposedly benign nodule on my thyroid whilst prego. But also a full blood work up, since I haven't had the standard stuff tested in well over a year.

I also went for xrays on my "mother's wrist", since there was the possibility that on top of the tendinitis, I may have a fracture or bone spur or other such growth causing the pain. It's still interfering with day to day life and may need to be surgically corrected (EEP!) since stretches, chiro, massage and osteo haven't helped. I'm wearing a brace 60% of the time, too.

Went for the follow up appointment today to get the results. And the news is - wait for it - I'm perfectly normal. Even my stupid wrist. So I'm now going to go for physio to do what i can to strengthen it.

And I saw my dentist today.

Back story: When I was 36 weeks pregnant with Elliot (yes, 3 years ago now) I had a root canal done because my face exploded into pain and I didn't sleep for nearly a week and had multiple emergency dental visits. At first, they wouldn't do an xray to confirm things, just made their decision to do the root canal based on my previous xrays that showed deterioration. The next day, I was still in immense pain and I demanded the xray. It showed that the tooth next to the one they worked on ALSO (instead of??) needed desperate work. Not a full root canal, but a 'pulpectomy'. Lovely, huh? After they fixed that, I felt so much better.

The first root canal was re-cleaned and capped 10 weeks later. Then crowned. It never felt 'right', but not having a root canal before, I figured it was normal. Lately, it's been hurting more than usual, so I had it checked. There's an infection. And there shouldn't be an infection because I don't have a root on that tooth and everything should be sealed up super tight.

So now I'm waiting to hear from a specialist to see if they are going to drill down through the crown and redo the root canal or if it's going to have to be a more extensive surgery where they go in through the jaw bone.

Up until 3 years ago, I didn't have a fear of dentists. *shudder*

On that ever-so-cheerful note, I will end here and go to bed. Had a long day today and tomorrow both boys are home so it promises to be extra special. Sleep, followed by more sleep, then some coffee, will help.

Good night, dear reader!

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