Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Yoga sucks.

So, I'd signed us up for an 8-week class. Missed the first one, went yesterday. I'd hoped it would be relaxing. HA! What a gong show. Felix was the troublemaker, I didn't expect that. The boys ran circles around the room when we first got there. I was fine with that - they needed to burn some energy, but as we got the mats set up, they got worse. Pulling at wall hangings and curtains. Smashing into other kids, tripping over other kids and mats. I'm surprised Felix still has his teeth, given the number of times he fell on his face.

Elliot settled down almost as soon as the class started, and he tried some poses. Felix was a hummingbird. A noisy, screaming, stampeding hummingbird. He wouldn't listen to me, the teacher or the other moms who told him to sit down. If he'd only been running around, I wouldn't have cared as much, but he was instigating the other kids to get up and run, and then he and Elliot started wrestling.

I couldn't handle it, so I rolled up the mats, bundled up the kids and we ran out, halfway through the class. They howled. I don't want to go back but feel I should give it another chance. But I don't think that's safe for my mental health, which is shaky at best lately. I was looking forward to this - a patch of quiet I could share with the boys. I was hoping they'd be interested, I didn't expect them to sit still for the whole class but thought they'd be curious... I think I had realistic expectations before going in. We'd talked about yoga and what it was and what the class would be like. We went over the rules before going in (listen to the teacher, no running, etc). All to no avail.

I can't help but wonder if yoga is exactly what they need to help tame their wild horse instincts. Or if it's a lost cause. I felt so judged by all those other moms. And I wasn't the only one with 2 kids - at least 2 other moms had more than 1 child with them.

I see my choices as a) drop the class b ) try one more time with both or c) get a sitter for Felix and continue with Elliot, as he seemed to like it and is still asking when we can go back....Maybe if we do some yoga dvds together and get them used to the idea before we try it again??

I think we'll try one more time, but go late, arrive after warm-ups have started so there's less time for crazy.

Ugh. My poor nerves.

Edit ~ Feb 1st: So, I'm gonna cancel. We haven't yet made it back due to all the illness and now I don't care anymore. Hopefully they'll offer a summer class so we can try again!

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