Thursday, January 13, 2011

I would walk 7 miles

Had a productive day. Which is great since I spent the last 2 following Felix around, waiting for another bout of diarrhea to strike. Joy. Had to skip our very first Mom & Tot Yoga class (and sushi lunch - wahhhhhh!) on Tuesday. I was not pleased. But then oh so very pleased that we'd stayed home when the poo-splosions started. We had a movie day instead.

All was well this morning, so I parked the boys in front of the TV and ran around like a mad woman, pulling together snacks for what was gearing up to be a monumentally long and frustrating day. We left late but thankfully the city had sent out all it's busy little worker bees and the sidewalks were 95% clear. We got hit with about 15 cm of wet snow yesterday (about 6 inches, for my US readers),  it shut the city down, which is rare. The malls were closed early and the city buses were pulled from the roads. There was talk about an additional 15 cm overnight. That didn't happen, not here, anyway. 

So we hustled, Felix doing his pterodactyl warrior cry (he's gonna learn to not do that even if I have to strangle it out of him). Made it to Felix's second ever gymnastics class with a few minutes to spare. God, I hate winter gear. And winter gear paired with little kids? Shoot me now. Finally all squared away, Elliot and I watched Felix's class. He's doing really good, loves it (of course he does!)  but today he had bit of a listening problem - he was too excited and didn't want to stop when the teacher would call them all over to a new station. And so she'd have to plant the rest of the kids in a circle, chase down Felix and march him back. Little monkey. 

Afterwards, we went to the grocery store around the corner and got sushi (yes!!) and watermelon for lunch. Followed by a round of "Don't put your hand in the toilet!!!" when we went to pee and change a diaper. The pterodactyl made another appearance as winter coats were forced over uncooperative hands and stiff little bodies were folded into the stroller again. 

Then another long walk, which knocked the two of them out and I had a bit of peace for 45 minutes. Felix had a follow up appointment with the ENT specialist due to him being treated for 2 ear infections in December. He only just finished the antibiotics for the last round on Sunday.

I locked the stroller up outside the hospital and we went in to register. The boys were still wearing their snowpants, but I was lugging 3 winter coats, a large purse and a bag of books and crayons as well as 3 cardboard trains Elliot snatched from somewhere. And trying to herd feral cats, it seemed. There was another round of "Don't Touch That!" Bathroom Edition. 

The specialist checked his ears and pronounced them full and sent us down the hall for a hearing test - his ears ears were checked for sound and I was told that his right ear was completely plugged and the other wasn't great. They stuffed us into a tiny, soundproof room and turned out the lights. I sat in the centre, Felix on my lap, Elliot sitting in the corner behind us, holding my hand. We were supposed to sit in absolute silence while the tech flipped switches from another room that played different types and levels of noises from speakers on opposite sides of the room. A light would shine in the middle to get him to look straight, and if he correctly turned towards the speaker with the sound, another light would come on and a little stuffed monkey would bang on a drum. This startled the boys everytime, but it became a fun game. I was highly impressed with Elliot - I only had to shush him a few times. He was intrigued and full of questions for the tech afterwards. 

Then we schlepped back to the ENT department where the dr reviewed the results. The bottom line is that Felix hears surprisingly well despite the blockage but that he gets disoriented based on where the sound comes from. The specialist said it's still too early for tubes (yes!) but we have a follow up appointment in 2 months. Next week, I'll take him to my chiropractor, see if she can adjust him to get that fluid build up to drain.

We packed up and headed for home. I bribed them with snacks and they got into the stroller remarkably well. Halfway home, we stopped at Felix's daycare so they could run wild on the playground.

The house smelled delicious when we got home. I'd put a pork roast in the slow cooker this morning and added sauce for pulled pork sandwiches. It was super tasty, and I came in under my total calories allotted for the day. Yes, I have an allotment now, today is the first day.  I got a 3 month membership to FitOrbit, an online personal training site. They give me a customized meal plan and workout schedule each week and I will log everything that I do. I can omit meals - and sub in stuff - but the plans they provide are healthy and more balanced than what I'd do on my own. So we'll see a) if I can stick to it and b) if it helps. Today's tally was 1469 calories consumed, which is just under the total for the meal plan, even with all my customizations! I mapped out our route and discovered I walked 11.3 kilometres pushing that blasted stroller today. My feet hurt.

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ixBeths said...

I realize I'm six days behind, but my kids have diarrhea too! Griffon just pooped all over the floor by the front bathroom. Parenting is awesome, right?!

I want to hear more about FitOrbit.

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