Monday, January 3, 2011

The girls hurt

Yep. Gonna talk about my boobs again. It's been a while. I've weaned since my last boob saga. I've started wearing bras that supposedly fit - even went in for a fitting in a posh lingerie store and bought a fancy and pricey bra. But they hurt. They feel heavy and bruised. Pretty much constantly, but yes, more so for about a week once a month.

Is my bra the wrong size? Have I put on so much weight that they can no longer support themselves? Is this the start of that middle-aged boobs-slide-to-your-belly-button thing? (And if so, hellllls no! I can't be middle aged at almost 32, can I?)

I'm not pregnant. I am having hormonal weirdness and have switched temporarily to a new birth control pill, so maybe that's the culprit? Or maybe Jay - or better yet, one of the boys - is boob-punching me while I sleep. Probably Felix, He's obsessed. I got in the tub with him the other night and the second he saw me he reached out and said "Touch your nipples?" I said no and then he cried, saying "Me like your nipples!" He's very tactile, into sensations. Yes, he's a boy, but he seems to be unusually fond of his penis.

Even better than sore boobs is the sharp poke I'm getting into the side of ol' righty as the stitching gave up it's hold over the underwire. Luckily, this isn't on my pricey bra (which actually hurts, even though it's supposedly my size. Shhhh. Must convince myself it was money well spent.) But it is a pretty Victoria's secret one. I guess it's time to get more. I suppose there are worse ways to spend my time.

How are your girls or the girls in your life? Do they hurt? Are they as perky as you always wanted them to be? Let's ring in 2011 talking about unmentionables.


ixBeths said...

Okay, so I just have to tell you this because I mean, you're ASKING for it. I just got a breast reduction. Literally 15 days ago. I wanted to talk about it on my blog, but there's this big thing with my grandparents now reading and blah blah blah. They even know about the reduction, but I just feel WEIRD. So. I've basically stopped posting. I'm probably going to start a new, anonymous one. ANYWAY... My boobies. They hurt. But that's because they're stitched up (I realized this morning a piece of what looks like fishing line is STICKING OUT OF the skin of one of them) and bruised. Plus, I've had to wear a bra for two weeks straight, including sleeping, and OMG, NOT my idea of a good time. But... I'm pretty sure it was the best thing I've ever done for myself. I breastfed for a total of 60 months (about 2/3 of that was my daughter, ha), and I was at the point where my boobs were pretty much on the floor. And HUGE. They're soooooooooo much more manageable now. I'm like a nice C. Before the reduction, I was a DD/DDD. Before kids, I was a B. The biggest I ever was (when nursing Anneke), I was a J. Jaaaaaaaaayyyy. I like C.

Rainyday said...

Wowza - I was wondering where you went! Hope you heal quickly. Ouch!!!!! I was a C before babes, an H or thereabouts while nursing, and have settled into an F, sometimes a DD if the band is big enough, now. I miss my old C. I'm self-conscious and will not show off cleavage (and all maternity/nursing wear is geared to show 'em off!) and my back is so sore from hunching. My posture SUCKS!

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