Sunday, January 30, 2011

I can feel my hair turning gray.

The other night, the boys were playing a crazy running game while I went upstairs to run the bath.  I had barely got the tub rinsed out when I heard crying. From Jay's reaction, I knew something bad had happened, and I only heard a slight whiny cry from Felix - mostly silence, so I hustled downstairs, just in time to see Felix stagger a few steps and fall flat on his face.

When I scooped him up, his face was a deep purply-gray and he wasn't really breathing. I frantically alternated between rocking him, blowing in his face and yelling at him to BREATHE! It felt like forever but must have only been a few seconds and then he sucked air in and howled.

Jay said Elliot had bit Felix's back. He was sort of on top of him, so he could have knocked the wind out of him - there wasn't a mark on him. Jay also said that he thought Felix was ok, didn't really cry, just wandered off to play. But to me, upstairs, it sounded like he never did have his breath under control. He could have also been fine until he stumbled and fell, knocking the wind out of him then. He could have been holding his breath on purpose/unconsciously, like he did when he was younger. Or it could have been a combination.

Whatever it was, it was terrifying.

Then last night, the scary ratcheted up a notch. Felix woke up from his nap with a fever. I dosed him with Advil and he was fine for the rest of the day. When Jay came upstairs to give Elliot his medication at 11, he checked in on Felix, who was 'warm'. Jay went to get the thermometer and discovered it to be over 105. He also felt something wet on Felix's pillow when he laid him back down. Turning on his handy-dandy keychain flashlight, he discovered blood. Well, the room lights came on in a hurry and we checked him over and cleaned him up. The verdict - nose bleed.  It's not his first one, but his first at night and alone. It was black and gunky and weepy all day today. So gross.

Fever spiked up again at 6am and again after his nap. Took him to the walk in clinic and got no real answer for what it might be: his ears are mostly fine (one looks 'off' but not infected), throat is fine, chest and lungs are clear. But his eye is gooping up, he's coughing and snotting and looks miserable. Could be viral. Might be bacterial. He's on yet another round of (different) antibiotics. Poor kid.

Here's hoping we all sleep well tonight. Please.


ixBeths said...

Hope everyone's better soon. The flu that was going around here recently was bad, with the major symptom being high fever.

Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

Holy smokes. How is Felix doing today?

I am hoping for a speedy and comfortable recovery for the babe and some peace and rest for you, mama.

Rainyday said...

He's still snorting and snuffing and demanding apple juice. But the fever seems to have retreated. Of course, now I'm stuffing up.
The dr at the walk in clinic wanted to say he had the flu, but since he had the shot this year, it wasn't likely. But who knows.

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