Tuesday, January 25, 2011


Elliot's sick again. Double ear infection, the doctor expects one side to rupture, it's so bad. Hopefully we got him on antibiotics quick enough to prevent that. Poor kid. Crazy high fevers causing delirium and crazy nighttime antics. It's been a thrill.

So, sickness combined with -30 temperatures has been keeping us in the house. And oh dear, we had to skip yoga this morning. We've watched a heck of a lot of TV. This morning I dragged out a bunch of furniture and toys and made them an obstacle course around the house: over the chair bridge, belly crawl under more chairs, through a dark cave (kitchen table, draped with blankets) over the rickety floor (play table flipped upside down) into a tent, down the hidden tunnel, hopping on one foot across some mats, ride-on cars over to the trampoline, 5 bounces then on to the "kill zone" - a free fall from the couch, then back over to the chair bridge. 

It kept them occupied for 30 minutes.

This afternoon, we brought out the art box. We've been watching some crafty shows - Artzooka, Mr Maker, a new Pirates show that dear hubby works on... so paints, glue, sponges, scissors, tape cluttered up the dining room table .... Elliot made spaghetti out of string and paint, using cut up sponge for cheese. Felix tried to eat it and Elliot was tickled that he'd fooled him.

Kept them occupied for an hour and a half.

And then cue the TV.

I'd had some pain in my ears and some dizziness. I hope it's not the start of an ear infection for me, too! That would suck. Already, I've had 2 rather sleepless nights of bed hopping. At one point in the wee hours of this morning, Felix tracked me down in Elliot's room and wanted me to go lay down with him. I'm even more tired than usual and all this being stuck in the house paired with eating crap food (lots of bread) is making me pack on some of the 6 pounds I managed to lose after the first week of my new diet plan. Need to get back on track!!

Also need to start watching some of the dozen or so shows saved on the DVR. But I'd have to stay up late to do that. What's a girl to do?

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