Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Naps Happen

A while ago I stumbled upon a great blog called Naps Happen. It's a hilarious collection of photos of the blogger's children in a full on nap attack, no matter where they were or what they were up to.

It's gotten me thinking about the boys' naps. They've generally been pretty good about napping, but that was one of the areas we were kinda anal about when they were smaller - we were slaves to the nap routine and made sure we were home - or somewhere else accommodating - at nap or bed time. But I was still able to find some adorable pictures of the boys. Aren't sleeping kids just the most precious things? So peaceful. So calm. Makes me wish it were legal to drug them into this state.

Merry Christmas 2006. And Elliot snoozes.
This lovey was forever named Nap Giraffe.
He's actually touching the cat - a rare occurrence, since she's such a beast.
This one breaks my heart a bit. We were attempting the CIO training method and he finally wore out, clutching the bars of his cell, waiting for me to come back.
This was a rough day.
An impression of Felix's ear after a nap in my arms - pretty much where he spent the first 7 months of his life.
There are numerous pictures like this. Note that even in sleep, he maintains the dino death grip.
Elliot went through a phase where he'd throw all his bedding on the floor and sleep there.
Felix wasn't really asleep. But he was pretending to be!
Double stroller nap - score!
Felix is such a ... boy.
Elliot got tired of waiting for me to get off the computer and come help him build (yet again) his new train track. And now he's a guest napper over at Naps Happen!

I wanna get in on the nap action, too! Of course, I usually have a cat on me. As also seen here. And here.

Sweet dreams, everyone! And stay warm - seems like there are major blizzards hitting all over the place today and forecast for the rest of the week. I wonder where you'll end up napping it out?

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