Saturday, February 12, 2011

Working girl

It's been a week of changes.

On Wednesday, I started back in the tax office. It's a brand new location. The building has wonky heat. That is to say, almost none. It's hard to type and think about the financial situation of others when your hands are numb. That first day, there was no toilet paper for the bathroom. Or soap. We've since got both, but still no soap dispenser. We didn't have basic office supplies like staplers. Or paperclips. There's no kettle, but there is a microwave. My second day there, I brought a mug from home and nuked the water for my tea - classy. But, we're seeing clients and making them happy and in this business, that's what really matters.

On Thursday, we took Elliot to register him for 'big school' in September. Miraculously, he was a little angel while we sat in the principal's office (a remarkably young woman who looked a lot like a dark haired Kim Raver) and he happily drew pictures while we filled out forms. He even left one specifically for her - a really neat stegosaurus car. As we left the school, the whining and protesting and baby talk that had been plaguing us all day returned in full force. Nap skipping sucks. We'll go back for a half-day orientation in June. Eep!

This coming week and for most of the next 3 months, I'll be in the office 5 days, including today. Jay will be home with the boys for about half of it. I'm still, for the moment, doing the meal planning and will be doing suppers when I can (this week, at least, I'm mostly on short days) and hubby will have to sort out the rest. Felix will still have daycare for the rest of February, but Elliot's preschool is closed for the next 2 weeks for the Winter Games. Luckily, Jay's hiatus from work came at the exact same time (but lasts longer) so we don't have to scramble for childcare. Phew!

Monday is Valentine's Day. Since I'm off dairy and caffeine and am counting stupid calories, I'm not looking forward to the big day. And the lead up to it has been torture. But I am happy about the weight I've lost so far - 12 pounds! Though I know if I have even one bite of chocolate, I'll morph into a rabid beast and eat everything for miles around. It also doesn't help that I'm reading Elliot a chapter from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory every night before bed. Poor kid, he's already got my sweet tooth. Oh, we'll make a great team!


Anonymous said...

Just pretend that if you eat chocolate then, like me, you will spend the next 12 hours spewing from both ends, blacking out, and in horrid pain. Maybe that image will help lessen your desires for it?

Happy Valentine's Day! ;)

Elizabeth - Flourish in Progress said...

CONGRATS on the 12 pounds! Very awesome.

Here's wishing you sanity, hand soap and basic necessities for the next few months. =)

Rainyday said...

Day 5 the toilet, which was flushing wonky all along, backed up and nearly overflowed. Finally today, Day 8, plumbers came out to fix a super-clogged drain. A nasty little leftover from the previous tenants.
It's still cold. But a couple of us went in on a kettle! And I brought in hand soap and sanitizer.

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