Saturday, February 5, 2011

I won! I won! I won!

Months ago, a fellow blogger was giving away the GMBOA - Golden Minion Box of Awesomeness. Sadly, I didn't win. But I've been following that golden box around, biding my time. And my time has come! After 3 days of answering questions over at Amy's blog, where she awarded random points to everyone, my name was put into a number generator and I won! Woot!!

Soon, it will arrive in the mail, and seeing that my birthday is in 3 weeks, February is shaping up to be a great month!!*squeeeeee* When it arrives, dear readers, it'll be my turn to give it away. To you! Stay tuned... and in the meantime, check out Whimsy's lyrical and evocative writing over at The Creamery - become a 'minion' by following the blog (read Bethsix's tutorial here) and then you'll be one step closer to qualifying to win the GMBOA for yourself when the time comes.

*happy dance*

So speaking of awesome, I'm spending the day making dairy-free yogurt and cheese for my now dairy-free family. Following the guidance of The Ultimate Uncheese Cookbook, by Jo Stepaniak. I'm going to try my own brie, made with cashews and nutritional yeast. I might even try a mocha fudge pie - which would hopefully turn out like my favourite Chocolate Tofu Pie at a local organic restaurant. This stuff is addictive.

I've got soy milk in the crock pot right now, for yogurt. It might be an epic fail - the last time I tried a dairy-free yogurt, I used almond milk and gelatin, which curdled and looked disgusting. But Silk brand soy milk has some binding agents added, so it might be more successful. And this time I'll be sure to actually follow the instructions on the gelatin packet. So I'm cautiously optimistic. Plus, I know it's been done before, I found this neat allergy food blog that modified the original crock pot recipe.

I'm excited to try a Mac & Cheez sauce from the book... I hope they eat it. Mac & Cheese is on our family meal plan for later this week. And a huge favourite for the boys. I usually make a white sauce from flour, butter and milk; add lots of cheese and spices, then pour it over cooked noodles and broccoli and bake it. Delish!  So we'll see what this 'uncheese' tastes like. Eep!

Until then, we'll just keep on keeping on. The boys actually ate, without comment, grilled cheese sandwiches made with Tofutti cheese slices. So maybe I'll be able to pull this off.

Or maybe these guys will get me:
I love the sharks in the tub.


Whimsy said...

Well after all, sharks belong in the tub, right?

...That was sweet of you to say that about The Creamery. Any and all are welcome, and I'm so glad you won the GMBOA. You were a worthy contender! I have a feeling Amy does a really good package, too. I bet it's going to be awesome, worthy of its name. Now us posted---- can't want for your contest.

As for this dairy free business? Please let me know how the yogurt turns out. I'm very curious.

ixBeths said...

Yay! You won! You won! I suppose I will try to win (again) from you... Is that cheating?

Rainyday said...

The yogurt turned out very runny, but it doubles as milk on the boys' cereal. I'll try again!

And nope, not cheating at all if you randomly win it again, ixBeths!

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