Monday, October 11, 2010

I wanna win!

So I've entered a blog giveaway, of sorts. The GMBOA - Golden Minion Box of Awesomeness contest. I'm excited! Wish me luck, peeps. And then, maybe oh just maybe... YOU can be the next winner! See, win-win for everyone!

So, it's Thanksgiving here in Canada. Pretty low-key, compared to the Thanksgiving celebrations that will happen next month in the States. We rented a car for the weekend but besides visiting Jay's ailing grandparents, we only managed to do one of our planned events. I'd wanted to visit the Children's Moonlight Maze, about an hour out of the city. But, the boys were sleep-deprived lunatics Friday night and so we (smartly, in hindsight) stayed home. New new plan was to visit that same maze the following day on our way to visit the great-grandparents, except I discovered last minute that the farm didn't open until an after we would have been arriving. Boooo - they have a phenomenal corn maze, a petting zoo, hayrides, a giant Jumping Pillow (think trampoline that's on the ground instead of those free standing death traps), pumpkin patches... I, um the boys, would have had SO. MUCH. FUN!!!

We were sad to have missed it. We were also very thankful to have made it to our destination in one piece, seeing as the holiday traffic was heavy and impatient. We missed getting clipped by the flatbed trailer of a paving company's truck by a couple of feet as he very quickly (And not at all wisely or safely) weaved his way in and out of traffic.

Then yesterday, the plan was to skip the boys' soccer class and head an hour out of the city in the opposite direction to go ride on the miniature steam engines. It's a by donation, simplistic track, run by hobbyists how have about half a dozen trains - some steam, some electric - that run a short course around the property. There's always a line up. They have limited hours. Yesterday was the last day of the season. So we packed up and arrived there fairly early (parking was scary. I don't do parking lots. Luckily, one of the conductors was out directing traffic and guided me into a spot. And then out of it when it was time to leave.) It was FREEZING. We were so not prepared. The boys were in long-sleeved shirts, sweaters and puffy vests with bucket hats, but should have been in puffy coats with winter hats, scarves and mitts. So we went for 2 rides then high-tailed it out of there in search of hot chocolate.

Today is turkey dinner day. I'm making a pumpkin cheese cake from (mostly) scratch. I have a package of mixed spices, but otherwise, I've roasted and pureed the pumpkin and am waiting for it to cool down before adding in the cream cheese and eggs. I should probably also start making the graham cracker crust, too. We're all still in our PJs, well, sweet hubby is dressed and doing dishes. So the plan now is to go for a nature walk. Then home to continue baking.

I am thankful for the love, health and happiness of my family. The kindness of friends and strangers. And for cruise control for keeping me under the limit and out of that speed trap. What are you thankful for?

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Bethsix said...

You Canadians are so wonky with your Thanksgiving in October. I mean, c'mon, the Pilgrims only dined with the Indians ONCE. In November. (I hope it's obvious that I'm kidding.)

I'm thankful for slightly cooler weather and a date lunch with my husband!

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