Tuesday, October 26, 2010


Since I've ballooned up so much in size over the past few months, year, 4 years, a good friend who has been working extremely hard to slim down brought over all of her too-large clothes for me to try on tonight.

It was fun to go shopping in my own home. But so sad when I saw the size of the clothes that were now fitting me. I know I'm not healthy. I know my eating habits need a major change and I'm not working out except for walking (lots) so that needs to improve, too. I have a good 35 lbs of pure fat that needs to come off.

But the big issue is where I'm carrying my weight. It's all in my tummy. I look pregnant. Seriously. They don't make clothes for my body shape, hell, my body shape doesn't even exist. I call it "Snake Swallowed A Pig".

Oh wait - they do make clothes for me. In the maternity section.

Frack. I need to get myself in gear. This is so depressing and frustrating. And tummy weight like this is so unhealthy. It's the worst kind of fat to have. So I've read. I have a gym membership that's gathering dust on the kitchen counter. Only a month left to it. I looked at Weight Watchers today, but it's too pricey. I have excuses for everything. I also want to get check ed out by a doctor to make sure there's nothing growing in there. No, not a baby! But maybe a stone baby or a tumor or something.

Ok enough moaning already, woman!!!

Share your motivational tips and stories, please....


Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

I need some motivation. You need some motivation. Let's motivate each other. I've gained ten pounds in the last ten months (what the.....?) I joined a gym in July that I haven't been to yet. Sigh. Sigh. Double sigh.

You know what helped me get into shape before I got all lazy again earlier this year.

I always had one small space in the home that had a mat, some little weights, a band and a little trampoline. It was near the TV. If I felt like throwing in an exercise video (not p90x or any crazy stuff like that, mostly stretching, jackie warner) then I would JUMP on the trampoline while mindlessly watching tv. Try it out. It is such a low investment item. Around 30 bucks from a sporting good store. Warning: Do not wear socks while jumping...slip risk. Jump barefoot or with sneakers.

It really worked miracles. And, it helped with cellulite that I had.

ps. About the 28 hour train ride....wow. That is a crazy story. Glad you survived!

Bethsix said...

ME TOO. Even when I was skinny, this was my body shape. But it's way worse now that I'm, um... not skinny. I weigh A LOT. And I'm SHORT. I don't like the way I look. I feel unhealthy. I AM unhealthy. Things have to chnage, but I'm not sure how. Story of my life.

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