Sunday, October 17, 2010

101 Uses For Potatoes

I remember making potato stamps as a child. Something else my mom thought of. I think we found the idea in a book from the library. She would carefully cut out shapes from halved potatoes, whip us up some paint from flour, water and food colouring (I think - maybe she wasn't THAT rustic) and we would create for hours. I also remembering us trying to make our own potato chips by thinly shaving (different) potatoes, adding salt or other seasonings, then baking them. That didn't get them very crispy, so there was also some pan frying action. Yummy! But not as good as 'the real thing'. But she wouldn't buy us the real thing, so we made do.

I needed to distract myself today. Jay took Elliot to gymnastics class using the bike trailer. I have mini-panic attacks each time. Picturing mangled tires and bone and flashing lights. (Of course, it doesn't help that as I write this, it's already a good half hour past when I expected them home.) So, when Felix got up from his nap, the (store bought) paints were all ready. I'd picked out some potatoes and scrounged through the playdoh box until I found some shapes that would fit the size of the spuds.

So very messy. And so very much fun. Now what to do with all this art work?!


Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

OhMyWord, Elliot is such a sweet looking kid. I love, love the apron that is hanging almost halfway down his front. Sooooo cute.

What a fun idea with potatoes. Maybe for Xmas, Elliot could "sign" all the cards using his own potato stamp.=)

Rainyday said...

Yep, that apron is doing a spectacular job! Both ended up in the wash when we were done.

That's actually Felix in the pics - but they look an awful lot alike and are both pretty cute, if I do say so myself.

If Elliot ever gets home (latelatelate!), I know he'll have a blast with the paints, too! I think it would appeal to him scientifically and artistically.

Rainyday said...

Ooooh, and thanks for the card idea - I think that's exactly what we'll do!!

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