Saturday, July 24, 2010

Fresh pickins

Three cups worth of tangy sweetness. Grown in our own backyard! This is the third picking we've done this season, too. There was a small raspberry bush growing in our neighbour's yard when we bought the house 7 years ago. It hung over into our yard a bit. We feasted on a few handfuls of stolen berries for a few years. As the boys were born, our slack landscaping went even more downhill and the untended bush spread to our side of the fence and took over. It even sprung up on the other side of the yard, behind the shed.

The boys are fascinated by them. We had Felix's 2nd birthday party here this afternoon and two of the children spied them with great excitement!

Our rules are simple: an adult must be present and the berries must be washed first. Elliot is becoming very good at picking only the red berries. And making sure the hull comes off. And checking inside them for stowaway ants. Felix proudly holds the container and watches impatiently as it fills. He fishes out each berry as soon as they are dropped in and licks it, as if bestowing some wonderous gift upon them. Or testing for authenticity. But see - he knows not to eat them until they are washed! All the more reason to wash them...

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