Thursday, July 15, 2010

Hairy dream

Last night I dreamed that I looked down and my forearms were extremely hairy. And it didn't freak me out; I was just curious about it and blamed it on the synthroid I'm now taking to help my thyroid function. It was a beautiful thick coat of fine, light brown hair, very much like what Felix has on his head. I kept running my hands through it and planning to braid it or put ponytails in. Very strange! I actually had to check my arms when I woke up this morning to make sure they looked normal.

Speaking of synthroid, I'm taking a very low dose of it everyday. I return for blood work in another month. The last 3 tests came back: low, low-normal, low.... so we'll see what happens next. I'm still quite tired at mostly inappropriate times, so the dose may be too low still. My dr seemed to think that I wouldn't have to take it forever, but all of the research I've done says that's usually the case, since once someone starts taking this hormone, the thyroid simply stops producing any of it's own.

I've played around with taking it at night and in the morning. Morning seems to be the most advised, since ideally, you take it 4 hours after eating and 1 hours before eating. And there's a list of foods you should limit or avoid while taking it, but I haven't really listened to that. I found when I took it at night, around 8, when I went to bed around 10 (on the night's I actually stayed up, that is!) I would lay there and my mind would be racing around. Now that's I've switched to taking it in the morning, it seems I'm a bit more alert. Maybe.

We'll see what the results are next month. I'm not keen on taking it forever, but at the same time, feeling so exhausted and sluggish all the time really isn't good, either!

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