Friday, December 31, 2010

Out with a Bang!

As soon as I can get some time, there will be a 2010 - Year in Photos post. Someday. Hopefully before 2011 comes to a close!

The city put on an awesome celebration for families last night. There were children's entertainers, then a mock countdown to fireworks at 7:30, followed by Auld Lang Syne. The boys were mesmerized. I've been wanting to get them out to see fireworks for the last 4 years. But they're always at 10pm and it's a half hour walk each way to view.

The look of awe on their little faces was priceless. I cried. It's not everyday you get to achieve one of your parenting dreams!


Joann Mannix said...

What a fun way to ring in the New Year. I loved those days when my girls were small and their little faces would light up with awe.

Enjoy those sweet boys. Have a wonderful, joyous New Year.

ixBeths said...

A mock countdown earlier in the evening?! That's freaking brilliant. Why have I never heard of this anywhere else?!

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