Friday, November 19, 2010

Going Yeast Bustin'

Ok, I did it. I've been talking about it forever and have tried it - unsuccessfully - many times in the past. I've made it 6 weeks on the Candida Diet previously before the sugar craving put down it's mean little foot and slapped me silly for even thinking I could go sweet free.

But this time, I have a secret weapon. And a plan.

Yeast overgrowth in the body can cause so many things, from fatigue to all over body aches, to constant itching - and not just in the girly bits. During my last half-hearted attempt, my naturopathic doctor told me that since my body was so broken, it would take at least 6 months of being off of sugar, dairy, wheat, yeast and alcohol before it could start to heal itself properly. That's a depressing statement. But I fully agree with her.

This time around, I'm going a more direct route - a 15 day cleanse, complete with powders and pills to take twice a day. 

And to make it even more wonderful - and effective - I'm also taking a fiber supplement twice a day.

Bottom's up! Wish me luck.

It's only 15 days. I can do it. Just take the supplements and stay away from sugar and everything else on the huge list on the fridge.


sweet & lovely crafts said...

Oh my gosh. Good luck!

Shannon said...

If you do it (and think it works) i'll totally follow suit! I need to get some of that yeast out of my system. I'm a huuuuge carb/bread lover, but so far i'm happy living in my bubble.

Rainyday said...

Tonight's dose nearly did me in. What have I gotten myself into? Have to think Big Picture. Have to stay Positive. Eep!

Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

hey, congrats, this is WONDERFUL!

Can I join you?

would you willing to share where you bought these products?

Bethsix said...

Wow. Seriously?! I have a lifetime problem (well, since 7th grade) with this skin fungus thing. I get it about twice a year, and creams/sprays never work on it, so I have to take the oral stuff (di-something?)... It's really bad for your kidneys... I wonder if this would help...

Rainyday said...

Thanks ladies! I'll be posting some updates later tonight, but you can find the candida cleanse at and the herbal fiber blend at
I bought them both from my chiropractor's office, but they're also available at my health food store.

Still hanging in there, day 4. Woot!

Bethsix - probably Diflucan? Been there, done that.

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