Thursday, November 11, 2010

Good riddance!

Would someone please remind me the next time I say I'm gonna take the boys on an outing myself, that I should bring along a leash and a taser? Thanks!

Really, it wasn't that bad. The sun was out for the first time in a week today, so we went to the playground. Jay stayed home building our bed. (More on that later...) They ran off lots of energy, we had fun. Then Elliot filled his hat with rocks and the boys brought me up the Stairs of Doom. Jay's gone up with Elliot before. I never have. And I won't be going again if I can help it. It's a flight of stairs 3-stories high on the outside of the elementary school just up the road from us. It's a steel frame of some sort and you can see through the whole thing. See - have a look for yourself:

Not even at the halfway point...
I have mild panic attacks when walking on a flight of stairs in a house that don't have a back on them. Now here I am, hoofing it up the stairs after my brainless fearless boys. Half way up, I figured I was going to have to call Jay to get him to come rescue us me. Elliot made it to the top and started dropping the rocks from his hat through the grid, one by one. Felix started dancing. I started hyperventilating. Oooooh the vertigo. I had no sense of security. We were all gonna die.

Eventually and verrrrrry carefully, we started back down. Elliot sat on his bum and bounced along. Felix walked down 4 steps then turned and ran back up to the top. I swallowed my heart and ran after him. I had to carry him down to the halfway landing. By then, since we were closer to the ground, I felt more in control.

We needed eggs, which was the second part of our outing, but the boys hadn't brought their listening ears. After they started running away in opposite directions, I nixed the idea of going 3 blocks further to the convenience store and instead crossed into the little mom & pop affair opposite the school. And man, you'd think those boys had never been in a store before. They ran in whooping, touching everything. When I turned to put the eggs on the counter, Elliot opened the freezer and grabbed an ice cream bar and was starting to unwrap it. Then he took down all the signs on the door while I paid. Felix cheered him on. Unreal. They've never been so wild in a store before. Ok, not for a while, anyway.

Jay's been working on the new bed frame alllllll day. Which is good, since the mattress arrives tomorrow. But that meant I had the boys all day. And by bath time, I was very grumpy. I have an assignment for school due tomorrow that's only mostly finished and I should be working on it right now, but I can't concentrate.  My back hurts. My computer is above the workshop in the basement where Jay's blasting music and sanding and swearing when things go wrong. And it's Thursday night which means my shows will be on soon. And I'm thinking about the old bed, which is currently in the front hall, awaiting removal in the morning.

The boys were conceived in that bed. (Well, Felix was. Elliot might have been in the shower.) Jay and I first whispered our "I love yous" in that bed. I laboured long and hard on that bed, twice. Spent the boys' first years in that bed.  Lots of memories. But you know what? It's a CRAPPY bed! It hurts. I rotisseried myself in it, night after night during both pregnancies trying to find a spot that was comfortable for more than 10 minutes at a time. It was cheap and thin and sharp and I'm glad it's leaving. So long, old friend, but we're moving on to a fresher, better model.

So there's no bed in our room right now. I'm sleeping in Felix's room and Jay will take the couch. How romantic! *Hopefully* the new frame will be done so we can sleep in the new bed tomorrow night. Fingers crossed!

And on a different note, lets end our evening with a little musical entertainment, shall we? Give him a few seconds, he was a bit camera shy at first...

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grimeysgal said...

What a cute little you've got! His signing skills are quite adorable! Can I tell you how jealous I am that you're getting a new bed... I sooo want one! Isn't shopping with kids mental? Lately G has been a little monster in stores!

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