Monday, September 12, 2011


Let's see. Last week, Elliot started school and Felix started preschool. Oh, and I started school, as well.

So things have been busy 'round these parts.

I have class 3 days a week. It's only 8 hours, but it's a 1 hour commute each way, if I take public transit. About 20 minutes if I drive and then another 10 or so to find parking. I haven't had enough class time to figure out if I'll do well, but I think I'm going to like it, which is something, at least. We spent the first class throwing stuffed animals at each other, learning everyone's names.
1st day. Thanks, hubby.

Felix's stitch-saga continues. Last week, we went to have them removed. Yeah right. First off, we couldn't see his usual doctor. This new doctor was all, "It's too early to take them out." And, "If you don't let me take them out they're going to grow out of the side of your face." I held him down, the doc tried to tweeze and snip, Felix thrashed and screamed, terrified. Elliot climbed the walls and put things in his mouth. I was totally and completely frazzled. In the end, we got one stitch out. One - of three. He'd been promised a lollipop, because I knew they had them in the office. But then the doc said he didn't have any and I should ask at the front desk.


We did track down some lollies and went home, in the rain. And hopped right in the car to go to my mom's birthday dinner. The boys convinced her new husband to light the candles on the cake and sing happy birthday before the meal. And then we did it again, when the boys were watching TV, once the guests had arrived and after our meal. With 2 pieces missing from the cake. Good times.

Two days later, we went back to see yet another doctor. I was prepared. EMLA cream applied, to numb the area. A new Lightening McQueen bribe dinky car. A full jar of lollipops sitting on the desk next to him. A different way of holding him and a much quicker - and warmer - doctor wielding the tools.

We got stitch number 2 out. She said she couldn't see the third, that it must have fallen out. I pointed out a faint blue mark sticking out from the scab. She probed it, declared it residual dye and sent us away.

Yeah. The scab has fallen off, revealing very plainly, 2 pieces of blue thread poking out of his little face. I really don't want to go through that all again, but seriously, how long can he go around with surgical thread sticking out of his cheek?

*sigh* Back we'll go. But not this week. This week is full.
Cool dude.

I'm hosting an open house here on Wednesday evening. I sell spices. The new catalogue is out. Good times. Of course this means I need to clean the place from top to bottom.  No idea how many guests will arrive. Oh the clutter and grime I need to banish. Daunting.

Oh, and today we receive this note from Elliot's teacher:

Elliot is settling into classroom routines nicely.  He is following directions, listening to stories, enjoying centres and is doing well in terms of independent work. As I'm sure you know, he loves to read and reads well. He has enjoyed independent reading times and today's Book Buddies. Centres has gone well with him and today, he had a great time creating a drawing and even made one for his friend and put it in her mailbox. I know he is a very sweet boy.

Unfortunately, Elliot is having some difficulties during unstructured times outside. Recess has been challenging for him and he has been hitting other children.  He is not always honest about this behaviour when he is asked---even when a teacher witnessed him hitting other children with no provocation. Today, he grabbed and held onto a child's nose in the meeting area just as the children came in to sit down. Other than that, he has done very well in the classroom. Elliot is full of hugs for me and I've seen him hug other children in class. I don't see him frustrated and am wondering if you've been experiencing/witnessing this aggression as well?

Just perfect. This is on the heels of him being banned from gymnastics - by us, not the facility. But it was a close call. I looked down from the parental observation area to see him running willy-nilly, being chased by instructors and then he started hitting and kicking, running away, climbing tall-and-not-age-appropriate equipment. I had to chase him through the whole structure, arms full of our bags, squishing into the padded mats while he laughed at me and danced out of reach. He refused to participate in class and wanted to make up his own rules. Later he said he didn't like the crowd of kids. And then changed his story and said he didn't mind them, it was the new teachers he didn't like. 

Gymnastics isn't new for him. But half way through the last session, he started doing stuff like this, refusing to do the class, etc. We debated putting him back in - when he would participate, he'd love it. But it would often take 30 minutes of cajoling to get him out there, or he'd run right out, happy as can be and then start crying and balking and asking to leave half way through. Still, we tried it again. Shouldn't have bothered. 

He says there are older boys at school, in his class, who take his hat and toss it around, laughing at him. he says there's a bully who makes fun of him. He says that sometimes the play chase, just for fun. Sometimes it's not fun. Today he was throwing rocks. He scratched a teacher in the after-school program and punched another one. After he calmed down, he hugged the teachers. And then was fine, his happy, sweet alter ego. 

I hope his teacher has some insights. He told us tonight that it's not him doing these mean things, that it's 2 other boys who wear the same clothes as him, whose parents spy on him to see what he's wearing so they can match their boys. Imaginative, huh.  I think he's been reading too many Calvin & Hobbes comics. 

The boys had their first sleep over this past weekend. Went to my mom's. It was awesome. Hubby and I drank champagne, slept deep and went out for breakfast. The best part? Mom doesn't seem afraid to do it again!

So it's been full. I'm worried about Elliot and school. Worried that he's going to be labeled. Worried we've gone horribly wrong in our parenting. And then he does something so sweet, like sneaking into my room after he's been tucked in bed for the night to sing me a lullaby about my day. Then I smile, wipe my tears and think we've done ok by him after all.

Lullaby and goodnight
You are so very sleepy
You had a long day
You stayed home 
While me and Felix went to school.
We played outside
You came to get us
We came home and played with daddy
You went out for a meeting
and now it's time for sleep.
(to the tune of Braham's Lullaby)
My sweet, smiley boy.

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Alicia said...

You guys are busy these days! Residual dye. Heh. Asshat.

Enjoy school!

Rainyday said...

Busy busy busy!

More asshatishness ensued yesterday when hubby called me to come pick him up from work before lunch. He's got some stomach bug. So now I'm waiting to see who the next victim will be. Yuck!!!

Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

Holy smokes, you've got a lot going on!!

Good luck with school. That is so very awesome. I've been trying to work up the nerve to go back for YEARS!

Rainyday said...

I'm still having a love/hate thing with my school. I don't want to be there but I want to learn. I've become very much a hermit in the past few years and the stress of being social is overwhelming!

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