Friday, June 10, 2011

Primary Relativity

Took Elliot for his primary orientation this morning. He alternated between being excitedly curious and being a clingy, refusing mess. We arrived a few minutes early, getting the lay of the land. This school reminds me of a rabbit warren or an ant farm There are staircases and hallways that go everywhere! Walking through the main door, you are on a landing with 2 staircases directly in front of you - one up, one down - and yet another flight of stairs going down to the right, into the gym.
Escher's Relativity - or Elliot's new school??
 We went down to the gym to look for Elliot's name on a wall for his group for the morning. He was in the blue section and I sucked in my breath, sure he was going to freak out and demand to be in the red group. But he kept his cool. Mostly. He started climbing me, pulling on my coat, standing on my coffee cup. Student volunteers located his name tag and gave him a bag of books and information supplied by the school board. Then we waited. He sat on my lap.

Then we went to the music room for his first mini-class of the morning. And the parents were told to say goodbye. We could leave the school if we provided them with a contact number, or we could go up to the library for coffee and snacks. I found a staircase and followed it up, knowing I would come out on the main level but not knowing where. I followed the main hall until something looked familiar, walked up a half flight of stairs to a level with a few classrooms, then up another half to the top floor.

I met some other parents, we talked about our kids and parenting and plans for the summer. Many of the children in this district have doctors and lawyers and government officials for parents. And cottages and summer homes scattered about the province. Yes, it's intimidating. But whatever. That's my own deal.

After 3 calorie-filled hours (And I only had 3 of the mini treats, which added up to 340 calories! Eep! But I'm kinda proud of myself for remaining on the other side of the room and not scarfing them down two at a time like I really wanted to.) I went down to collect Elliot from a basement classroom since it was too cool and misty outside for them to have their playground session. As soon as I walked in, the instructor piped up with an amazed, "He's smart!" I nodded and said, "Yep." So blasé. But they were evaluating the kids, informally, to help slot them in to the appropriate class in the fall. There's a full primary class (with the awesome teacher we already know) and a primary/one split with a new, male teacher. We're cautiously hoping for the split.

Apparently he had a wonderful time and he did tell me about some of the sessions (Music, gym, an eye exam, class time and free play.) But as we packed up and headed outside, he started crying, saying he didn't want to go back to school - neither the big school we'd just left, nor the preschool we were headed to so he could have lunch and a rest since I needed to blog and mess around on the internetz work. I promised to pick him up early. And I will. Maybe. After some hugging and clinging and crow-barring off the front porch of the preschool, and the reading of a book, and more hugging and some hand holding whilst hand washing, he settled for lunch with his friends and I was free.

I really should do some work. Deadlines and all that. Clients counting on me. I just want a nap. Silly to have gone to bed so late. And then the kids got up so freaking early. Felix was singing Isty Bitsy Spider just before 6am. Oh, and have you discovered Amber Dusick yet? No? GO NOW!!!!

See - the internetz, they entice me and go on forever in all directions. Not safe for Rainy!

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