Monday, May 16, 2011

Hidden, Rainy Children

Not MY backyard...
 It's been raining for a month here. I think the weather network said we have had 70 mm of rain in the last week alone. We wake up feeling damp and go to bed clammy. Everyone is cold, cranky and stir crazy. It's not letting up until maybe Thursday when we have only a 20% chance of precipitation - then right back to rain the next day. So the weeds have been flourishing. I have a backyard full of mud and dandelions. Oh, and goutweed. the SARS of weeds. It kills everything and can grow everywhere. Such fun.

One highlight in an otherwise wet and gray string of days was my mom's wedding. It was cloudy and dark and foggy, but it didn't rain - hurray! I left the boys overnight and spent time shuttling family back and forth, running errands, making sandwiches, fixing dresses, kept awake by snoring, drinking wine and champagne, buying more wine and champagne (since I'd left my bottle of Pol Roger NV - the Royal Wedding Champagne in my fridge 45 minutes away, whoops) and eating every manner of foods not on my current diet plan. The morning of the wedding, after some relaxing, girl time, and a mimosa, I drove back into the city to pick up my family, dropped everyone off at the sailing club where the ceremony was to take place, hopped in the groom's car and made a mad dash 10 minutes down the road to throw on my own dress and lace the bride into hers. And drove the wedding party back to the club. On time. Phew!

1 lb away from my mini-goal weight for the wedding
 The boys were flower boys, tossing blue and white petals out of sand buckets down the aisle. They watched the proceedings for a couple of minutes, then high tailed it out of there to go explore. Hubby had to miss most of the short and sweet ceremony, which was followed immediately by champagne toasting and speeches. The boys would dash in, throw a handful of dandelions at the bride or exuberantly throw their arms around the groom's legs, then run back down to the water or out to the lawn. At one point, Felix ran up to them shouting "I love the party!"

They fell asleep in the car on the way home, we managed to transfer them to their beds and they slept for a good 13 hours. This is unheard of! We are now plotting ways to tire them out like that on a daily basis. On the way home from the sailing club, hubby made me turn the car around and go  back so he could snap a shot of the caution sign posted on the side of an old barn that made him giggle:
I often wish my children were hidden.
And so life continues. I'm waiting to hear whether I'm accepted into a new school for September. And if it will be part time or full. And if I need to take the full 2 year program or if I have enough credits to wipe out the first year. And trying to stay away from the peanut m&ms that are singing their sweet song to me. Nine pounds to go before I'm at my goal, peeps. I'm trying hard! Need to keep busy and this rain is not helping, the rain just whispers, "Sleep. You know you want to!"


Alicia said...

You're looking very dashing!!!!

Amy said...

You look great! And those boys? Wanna gobble them up in their little ties.

Rainyday said...

Thanks! The boys' ties? Well, we all left that detail to the last minute and the night before the wedding, we lopped off a couple of the groom's ties and spun them around so the skinny tail became the actual tie.
Yes, alcohol was involved. But the results were worth it - even if the groom probably only has $100 ties. (This was all his idea, I swear!)

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