Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Gimme an M!

Phew. Tax season is over and done. Such a relief! I had actually applied to continue working in the off season at the district office (I did last year, all the way up to November.) But I realized that I was stressing myself over it waaaay too much for only being available 2 days per week. It wasn't worth it, so I withdrew the application. Kind of a good thing, since my office leader also applied and was accepted. So now I'm rid of him, too.

I spent today catching up on phone calls - the boys now have dental appointments booked, I got myself back into my locked online credit card account (I apparently didn't read their message about trying twice, then ask to have the password reset. Instead, I kept at it until I got the locked message.) And I called about my school situation in the fall. They haven't gotten back to me yet, but at least I got that ball rolling, sort of.

I also saw my naturopathic doctor today, to talk about the boys and their current non-dairy situation. She agreed that it's time to ease up a touch and so I am now stocked up on goat milk, cheese and yogurt. We'll see how they handle those proteins. It's a risk - in the 3 months they've been off dairy and with all the sicknesses, there haven't been any ear infections. Which I thought was frickin' impossible! But the proteins in goat's milk, while still animal based, are easier to digest that those in cow's milk, so hopefully it will be a safe gamble.

She also had a good talk with me about my weightloss, my mood swings, my mental health, my ongoing furtive sneaking of chocolate. I have issues with self-parenting. I wouldn't let the boys pig out on chocolate or candy before (or instead of) supper. I wouldn't let them laze around, spending the day staring mindless at the tv or computer screen. So why do I let myself do it? I give in, I have no willpower or self-control. If I want it, then I do it/eat it/watch it/drink it...

So my prescription is to spend the next 2 weeks resting and working on self-parenting. Nap whenever I want. Limit myself to 1 square of chocolate a day. Have daily bubble baths. Take it easy on housework and responsibilities. Just relax.

Sounds awesome. We'll see how well I cope with it.

So, in the spirit of the GMBOA (don't know what that is? Check here for a starting point) I'm going to start my questioning off by asking you: How do YOU self-parent? What is your parenting style and is it the same for yourself and your children (if present.) What do you do for yourself?

Tomorrow evening, I will award random points to everyone who responds to my question and will put up a new question. By the end of the week, points will be tallied and a winner will be announced and the Golden Minion Box of Awesomeness will be on it's way to a new home, restocked with goodies just for you.



Amy said...

Hooray for down time! Treat yourself well!

I'm obviously not playing to win but I'll chime in. I have a hard time saying no to myself about anything (especially food) but since having a child, I try to set a better example. It's always easier to tell others what to do (including the hubs), right? I guess I just try to limit my hypocritical moments. Sounds like I need some work in this area too.

Kelly said...

Hmmmm...where to start.

Before I had children - I was an amazing parent to myself, most of the time. If I felt like exercising, reading, having a bath or hanging out with friends I did it. I was pretty good at moderation (except when it comes to red wine...but everyone has their vices.) Reading and red wine have always been my way to unwind (well red wine since the age of 19).

Even during pregnancy, I was a pretty good parent to myself, I rested when I needed to, made no apologies when I needed to nap -in fact I even snuck into our sick room a few times on my lunch hour. I would sit with my feet up to help my back, once I had morning sickness under control, I made sure I limited my caffeine, ate well and took my vitamins.

However, like most - after having children, I find myself coming last most of the time. For example - today, I took Elise to the doctor twice, once to her specialist appointment and once to the walk in clinic so that she could get her ear infection treated. I have been feeling dizzy and light headed for a week now, but my husband had kung foo tonight - so instead of making myself an appointment too. I had my daughter looked at and then rushed home.

So I guess really, I am a pretty bad self parent. I make sure my children eat healthy, get enough sleep, have all their needs met, have time to do what they would like to - but haven't been able to find time to exercise. I keep saying I will, I know it makes me feel better - but something else always comes up.

Rainyday said...

I don't know why I'm finding it SO HARD to lead by example with the boys. And then I find myself hiding in the kitchen where they can't see me, to polish off a bowl of chocolate pudding while they're whining about not wanting to eat their peas. Not healthy!

Rainyday said...

It's true that most parents/mothers put themselves last. Why does this happen? Why is it so common? Why do we cease to be important to ourselves? So strange.

Gina said...

Oh man, I don't self-parent at all - I'm a kid out of control! All the things I tell my kids to do/not to do? I don't listen to myself. And then I beat myself up over it. There never seems to be enough time in the day for me to clean/eat right/make time for me. I keep telling myself that I am going to get it together and yet I never manage.

Whimsy said...

Oh BOY. It's not like it's a new concept, this whole self-parenting thing, but then again, I guess I've never thought of it. So maybe it really IS a new concept to me.

Something I desperately need to do. I was on a really good track for a while with treating myself well and limiting my vices, but lately have been a total mess. I think I need to focus on talking to myself the way I'd talk to Alice about the issues I have, like daily exercise and eating right.

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