Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Gimme a B!

Congrats Kelly on scoring 3 points! I'm awarding 1 point just for posting and 2 points for whichever response strikes my fancy.... stay tuned!

Still struggling with self parenting. Obviously, it's not going to be an overnight fix. And I will have to work on it - looking through to next week, I've scheduled or promised every minute of my time. Most of it is fun stuff, like lunch with a friend. But some is work. Some is boy stuff. And the house ain't gonna clean itself. I'm about to run a bubble bath, so maybe that's something. Of course, the boys will be up to join me before too long. They love it - such a treat for them when I'm in the tub. But it's hardly relaxing.

I took Elliot to the dentist today. The hygienist, who I haven't seen in at least 7 months, gaped at me and asked how I managed to lose the weight, that I looked fantastic. I told her about counting calories and how hard it was and that I hated it because I love to eat and blah blah blah. People must remember me fat, or I must have been a huge cow before because I still don't see the change. Sure, the number on the scale has dropped and my clothes are fitting me different, but I just don't see the change when I look in the mirror. Everyone says that you can really see it in my face. Which must have been rounder than a full moon for them to be so amazed at the difference.

I found a picture of myself from Christmas time. It makes me cringe, mostly because I know my posture is terrible and so I blamed that for the fat. Until I took new pictures tonight in the same outfit. Can you see the difference?

Granted, I'm not hunched over as much...
Posture - it's important!
November 2010
May 2011 - I don't think I lost any weight in my nose.
Which brings me to tonight's GMBOA question. What is the most memorable underhanded compliment you've ever received - or dished out? How did you deal?


Shannon said...

You are looking fab! Your hard work seems to be paying off.
Not sure where this falls under, but i told a dad his toddler looked just like him. Then the father said, well she shouldn't as we aren't related by blood (adopted child). Or the time when i kept calling a little boy, she she she, because heck, sometimes hair cuts are necessary. That's enough for one day.

Whimsy said...

My FAVORITE terrible compliment was from a boyfriend, as he was in the process of breaking up with me. As he kept going on (AND ON) about why he needed to break up with me, I asked if there was ANYTHING that he was going to miss. His answer, in all its terrible awesomeness was this: "Well, you are really organized. And you got along really well with my mom."

Elizabeth-Flourish in Progress said...

WOW, you look fantastic!!! I think you can really, really tell. I'm floored by your dedication and persistence. I wish I could learn some of that! I always give up, whatever i do.

An ex once told me to wear longer shirts because he said my top half looked great....but my bottom half needed major work.

Alicia said...

I know I'm late to this party. I don't expect any points or recognition or anything, but here I am! Late to the party!

I think you look a lot different. Pretty much every picture of me from about 2003 on makes me feel like that one of you makes you feel. I have almost zero photos of myself. If ever they're shared publicly, it is CAREFULLY ORCHESTRATED.

Anyway. I got the best compliment just the other day, maybe two weeks ago. A little underhanded, but I swear it's the best compliment I've ever gotten because I so appreciate it.

I was at dinner (out of town, for work) with some colleagues. Four mid-50s to early-60s women, plus me. They were talking A LOT about menopause. One of them that I didn't know was about to say something, and she looked at me and was like, "I don't know. You look really young." My coworker said, "She's only young chronologically, not in mileage." Awesome.

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