Monday, May 23, 2011

Hairy Wee Wee

Ahhh that Elliot, he's such a clown. Picked him up a bit early from daycare on Friday. We went to the grocery store which is next to Felix's daycare to buy some naan bread. On the walk across the parking lot to go get Felix, Elliot started singsong chanting, "Hairy Wee WEE!" Over and over and over. I asked him what he meant and he said the song was about a cat named Harry who was very hairy and who meowed a strange way, saying wee wee instead of miaow miaow.


Great. Just great. And he kept that up until we got all the way to Felix's room.
Chalk-nose, dirty ditty singing boy


Joann Mannix said...

Oh, but Hairy Wee Wee sounds like an awesome song!

And how I love me some Naan bread. My favorite Indian restaurant is right around the corner from our house. I must go there, at least once a week for their garlic naan.

And when you say other coast of Canada, where would that be, exactly. Because I didn't want to say this in my blog, I figured I'd upset enough people and their homelands, but I do so love French Canada. I have been to Vancouver and I love it. And Victoria was so charming and Butchart Gardens, but I fell in utter love with Quebec and Montreal. Watch it be somewhere else. Then, once again, I will be the ass with her foot in her mouth.

Rainyday said...

I'm in Halifax, but have spent time in Victoria (loved it!) and Montreal (lovelovelove!) So don't worry - your mouth is safe!!

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