Saturday, May 7, 2011

Gimme an A!

This is it peeps, we're almost at the end -after today, only 1 question left before a winner is announced!

Yesterday's points go to Whimsy ~ congrats!

Everywhere I look today, I see ads for Mother's Day. Or blog posts about Mother's Day gifts. Or Facebook memes with pictures of mothers. It's everywhere. When I worked in a restaurant years ago, Mother's Day was the biggest day of the year; maybe even more so than New Year's Eve, since we opened early on Mother's Day and kept going for 12 hours and NYE only got a paltry 8. After a few years at the restaurant, the thought of Mother's Day left me with a twitch.

Elliot has told me in confidence that he made me a card but that's it's still drying. I asked him if it was supposed to be a surprise and he sagely responded that the card itself was a surprise, not the fact that there was one.

I remember as a child, wanting to bake cakes or plan breakfast in bed for my mom. This usually worked out, I don't have any memories of chaos or hilarity ensuing during such endeavors.  And these days, well, I tend to give my mom a phone call and leave it at that. It's just not really on my radar. My own bah-humbug. I blame the day full of salads and desserts and little old ladies all dolled up because it was the only time they got to see their (also elderly) children.

But I still love hearing stories of other Mothers' Days, past and present. So today's GMBOA question is brought to you by dear old mom. Remember something hilarious you presented your mom with? Did it all go horrible wrong - or right? Or are you in that receiving stage yourself? Do share!

And have yourself a relaxing and special Mother's Day tomorrow! Check out these blogs posts for some special reading: Less Cake, More Frosting, MotherhoodWTF, Pregnant Chicken

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Whimsy said...

Well now. I have completely flushed my mind of any bad mother's day gifts I gave, though I am QUITE SURE that I gave plenty of them. The best gift I ever gave my mother for mother's day was a tiny little box filled with even tinier pieces of paper. On each piece of paper was written something that I loved about her--- something she'd done for me, or some particular trait I admired. I wrote down 100 things.

She carried it around in her purse until the tiny box disintigrated. And then she put the pieces of paper in a mint container. She told me, nearly 7 years later, that it was one of her most prized posessions, and when she was sitting anywhere quiet, she would pull out that box and read each carefully written card.

I'm proud of that gift.

Rainyday said...

Awwwwww, Whimsy, that is a fantastic gift!!!!!

Amy said...

Yes Whimsy, you're making us all look bad! That is a really sweet gift!

Alicia said...

Geez. I want to be Whimsy's mom. Or at least maybe as good a person as Whimsy's mom.

Whimsy said...

Just doing my best to make all you suckers look bad.

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