Sunday, May 8, 2011

And what does that spell?

The GMBOA is coming to a close... tomorrow the winner will be announced. This evening's question is more of a request. What goodies would you like to see in the box? Since my readership is split between Canada and the US, I'm hoping to include some local goodies or trinkets. What just screams Canada to you?

I've had a lovely Mothering Day today. Got to sleep in a bit later than normal (7am) and was allowed to lounge in bed, reading, until I was brought breakfast (an omelet, fruit, tea and toast). Then hubby packed both boys into the stroller and took them to Elliot's gymnastics class. I lounged some more in the quiet house and had a long, hot shower.

That was certainly the highlight of the day. And exactly what I wanted. This afternoon I read a book on the couch while Elliot napped. Felix refused to nap and so he ended up going to the grocery store to buy bread and chips with Jay, and they came home bearing flowers and a practical filing cabinet someone was tossing away. So now I really have no excuse not to get my horrific office space tidied up. Thanks hon.

The witching hour was spent on supper prep and refereeing the boys while they played in the back yard. Oh, and saving worms. Turns out they don't like to be stepped on, clutched tightly in little hands while climbing up the slide and they cannot fly, no matter how far they are flung off the deck. Trying to teach the boys to be kind and gentle to all creatures, but the message just wasn't getting through.

Now the day is coming to a close. The boys are headed up for bathtime, stories, lullabies and much needed rest. Then I'll hop on the treadmill in an effort to burn off the overabundance of calories I've consumed today. (Really, when hubby leaves the house he should put his M&Ms under lock and key.)

So, I pass the floor over to you. Share your Canada stories, your requests, your questions. I'll do my best to answer them. (No we don't all live in igloos, travel by dogsled, eat blubber and/or speak French.) Bonus points to anyone who has any funny/sad/unbelievable stories to share - like the time(s) when I worked in a shoe store and all the tourists were offended that I handed them back their change in local currency.

Pssst: It's not too late to earn points on the previous questions - check them out here and here and here and here and respond accordingly. Make sure you're a follower over at the creamery and then you'll be golden!


Alicia said...

I once drove through the U.S./Canadian border in my car with Texas plates. The border agents were CERTAIN I had concealed weapons. They asked me to declare them like 15 times... "No, really, you're SURE you don't have a concealed handgun? ... Nothing? ... And you're SURE?" I chalked it up to the Texas plates. They DID make me surrender my mace FOR DESTRUCTION. And made me feel like a crazy concealed-handgun Texan for even having it. Good times.

In Texas: We do not all carry guns, drive horses, live on ranches, like the show "Dallas," or talk like bumpkins. We are not all racist and/or stupid, and there are no tumbleweeds.

Rainyday said...

Awwww, no tumbleweeds for reals??? :)

Whimsy said...

It's embarassing how close I live to the Canadian border, and how long I've lived here to tell you that I've only been up to the great white north once. And it was YEARS ago. And even better, we planned on driving to Vancouver and sort of... never found it? Like we didn't have a map and just figured driving north would yield results? Like there'd be **signs**? And... there sort of were **signs**, but not very clear ones, and it got to the point that we worried we wouldn't make it back before midnight. So we ate at a waffle house and then came back over the border, and home. Surreal.

BUT I've heard it's a beautiful country and my husband has a theory that me notwithstanding, the most beautiful women are from British Columbia. He has a list of famous British Columbian (?) women and they're all beautiful.

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