Monday, August 8, 2011

Five down.

Where did that one go??? Speedy little thing.

We spent last weekend recovering from my week away with the boys. We'd thought about going on a family camping trip, maybe going to the zoo or wildlife park or to the farm. But it was just too much effort. We did some walking trails close to home, hit a few playgrounds, filled the wading pool in the backyard. Sunday night there were fireworks, so we kept the boys up stupid late and went downtown for a low-level display. They loved it!
Felix looks like E.T.

Monday was a holiday, so hubby was home, which was awesome. We puttered around the house, then participated in the annual Bridge Walk for the first time. One of the 2 bridges spanning the harbour was shut down for the day and between 2-4, they opened it to foot traffic. The boys were so excited about walking on the actual road. (We've walked the bridge before, but only on the sidewalk.) But all the late nights and no naps caught up with Elliot pretty quickly and Mr. Crankypants fell asleep before we got there... and didn't wake up until we were almost home again. Man oh man, was he angry!!

Tuesday there was a fantastic thunder and lightening storm. I have no recollection of anything else we did that day. I'm sure it involved lots of TV.

Wednesday we ran errands - I had a chiropractic appointment that they were semi-well behaved for. Then we got groceries and donated all the old diapers and Pull-ups to the daycare. There was lunch. And the discovery (ok, more like admitting) of sick fishies. And probably more TV.

Thursday. Let's see. I put in a work out DVD in the morning. They did the first few minutes with me, then tried to trip me and brain me with the handweights. They also spent a good chunk of time climbing on me while I did the floor parts. I then tried a yoga DVD but had to turn it off within 5 minutes as they decided to run circles around the house, nipping and biting at my arms while I did downward dog. So then I made bread. And someone might have napped after lunch, it's a blur. I know we watched Cars in the afternoon.

Friday we got our shit together and met a friend, her son and the little girl she watches at a park we haven't been to in a long while. Brought the boys' bikes, they rode around in the parking lot before lunch. Add in a playground and throwing rocks in the ocean and then cue nap-related breakdown. Home we went where NO ONE NAPPED!!! Oh. Em. Gee. I was ready to slaughter them. Hubby and I stayed up stupid late on Thursday watching a Sandra Bullock flick and I was exhausted. We watched another movie that afternoon, too. And hubby didn't come home from work until after midnight. Ugh.

Felix said superheroes loved to swing

Elliot wouldn't take his helmet off.

This weekend we finally took the boys camping. I loved it. It was so much like the many, many trips I took as a girl. The boys were excited and too hyper to be well-behaved, but it was fun. Hotdogs and marshmallows roasted over an open fire. Beans cooked in their can in the coals. Hubby didn't have as pleasant a time. Lack of sleep and a headache plus sleeping on the ground made things difficult. I'm game to go again soon. He needs more recovery. So I'm actually considering taking the boys by myself. The only thing holding me back is my anxiety that we'll be killed by a serial murderer. Or snakes.

Hotdogs. Several were sacrificed.


My moose-y boys.
We came home yesterday to discover that one of the fish was no more. Good bye, Cha-Cha. And then this morning, Rita went up to fishy heaven, too. Or somewhere. All drains lead to the ocean, and all that. The boys don't know, but I don't think they'll miss them. We're not going to make a big deal. It's sad, but we didn't ask for these fish and knew nothing about taking care of them. They were fine up until last week. There was either something wrong with them or their water. My money's on the time that Cha-Cha hit the kitchen floor in a failed escape attempt. Probably brought back tons of fresh, fish-eating bacteria. Poor things. Never stood a chance in this house. I'm kinda surprised the cats have lasted this long, nevermind the kids!

So, here we have week 6 ahead of us, which brings us that much closer to the end of summer and start of school. Don't know how I feel about that. Three weeks left to reflect, I guess.

Missed every little detail of our summer vacation so far? Well catch up, already! Weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4.

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