Monday, August 29, 2011

Eight down

One week left before summer vacation is over.

"The days are long and the years are short." Is a quote from Tina Fey's Bossypants (go read it, highly enjoyable!) It's attributed back to stay at home parents and sex trade workers. And it's very true.

What did we do this week? It's passed in a blur. I have to refer back to Facebook and my iPhoto to piece it all together.

It seems that Monday was an emotional and adventure filled day.

And Tuesday, well we hung around the house in the morning and then took the car to be serviced in the afternoon. Found a playground, essentially in the projects on the other side of the harbour. The boys loved it! I was anxious with the rougher crowd passing through and milling around, but that's just me being hyper-vigilant, as I'm wont to do. Felix did give me a scare, when I'd turned back from putting the camera away and saw him dangling from the climbing structure, his bare toes still a good 4 feet from the ground. He was having fun practicing 'gymnastics'.

Wednesday morning, Felix had a discouraging visit at the allergy clinic. We've been told to feed him whatever he wants. If his eczema flares, just treat it. Keep his body hydrated and his skin moisturized. That the family history, list of symptoms and random reactions don't indicate an allergy. Which is great news! But still leaves us back at the beginning. We're doing an egg challenge. So far, no reaction. Which means we have no idea what caused the full body rash, twice.

I promised the boys a new playground after the appointment, so we headed to a new-to-them one on the way home, chatting it up and building anticipation the whole way there. Well, that was disappointing.
They were only working on the border, not the equipment. But wouldn't let the boys play. Tears ensued.

So we went home, packed a picnic and headed to the lake. I braved it by myself but won't do that again soon, despite really wanting to go back! Felix is fearless in the water and Elliot is a limpet. They both had lifejackets, but needed an adult beside them, always. And then there was the whining. And the perma-injury mode Felix seemed to be stuck in, falling off the play structure twice and then skinning his elbow in the parking lot.

Thursday the sitter came. I sat in a cafe with goodies and free wifi then went shopping and met with the Registrar to discuss my school schedule.

Friday it was supposed to rain. Precursor to hurricane Irene, who was making her way up the coast. We watched TV, everyone on edge, then I tossed them in the car and we ran errands. It was stinky humid and then the sun came out, so we stopped at a playground on the way home. Felix was adamant that I watch his baby while he played.
Mmmmmm, Baby Banana Bread

Saturday afternoon we packed up and headed to a provincial park for family swimming. The boys fell asleep on the way there so we hung out in the parking lot for a while. Afterwards, we went for supper at Boston Pizza, where we tried to help a little girl who'd gone to the bathroom only to return to a table minus her family. Poor thing. Turned out well, but tense for a while. That night, a painting that's been on the wall for 8 years at the top of our stairs crashed down, setting off the security alarm. In the ensuing panic, while hubby and I shot out of bed, still asleep, I caught an elbow to the eye and now have a shiner. Delightful!
"Born to be alive!"

Felix swam out to the 100 meter mark. Parented.

Yesterday, Irene limped past. She was reported to be a good 558 miles off shore, so we got a smattering of rain and a bunch of wind. Would have been pleasant if not for the pressing humidity.

No idea what this week brings. We're all winding down, energy is dwindling and patience is wearing thin all around. But I should plan at least one more weekday adventure. And it's a long weekend coming up - and our anniversary - so we should think about that, too.

Missed every little detail of our summer vacation so far? Well catch up, already! Weeks 1, 2, 3, 4. 5, 6 and 7.


Elizabeth - Flourish in Progress said...


You've almost made it.

Cal just started today. I may or may not have just layed on my couch for 20 minutes after she left and called out into the air-"Thank you for letting me survive this summer" to no one in particular. =)

Rainyday said...

You have many things to celebrate this week!

I cannot wait. Of course, hubby has said that with all my "free" time, I should do some work around the house. And I'll be taking 2 (and maybe 3!) courses at the college plus working part time (maybe) so the house might just have to wait. I totally plan to sit around for the first week, anyway. I am in dire need of down time.

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