Monday, July 25, 2011

Three down

Hmmm, let's see.... what happened last week? Well, a whole lot of sticking close to home. Potty training will do that to you. But we cautiously started to branch out a bit.

Monday we went to a playground up the street. Stopped at the coffee shop, got a muffin and a decaf. They played and ate, I watched and drank. Elliot used the potty that I'd so thoughtfully brought. Felix waited until we got home. Good boy.

Tuesday we were architects, project managers and construction workers, creating great works in the livingroom. Then we went to the playground down the street. Brought the potty there, too. All was great until a crowd of kids arrived (kids we knew, even - Elliot's old daycare class!) And Elliot couldn't handle the crush so he ran away, causing me to sprint after him in flip flops. I was not impressed. Home we went, crying all the way.
Doing "gymnastics" on top of the slide. So safe.

Wednesday we stayed in the backyard, playing bocci and bowling and reading books. At lunch time, Elliot said he wanted to make art with his food. I obliged.

Thursday. My favourite day! Sitter came again. I high tailed it outta here, went to the library to use their free WiFi, did some bookkeeping, had lunch with a good friend at one of my favourite restaurants then went for an amazing massage. So very nice.

Friday we ran errands and then spent the afternoon at my mom's. I was impressed with the boy's bladder control in the car. It was a relatively short trip, especially compared to the 3 hour road trip we're embarking on shortly. I'm spending the next 4 nights and 5 days at the lake with the boys by myself. I'm most worried about the snakes.

Saturday we ran errands and took the boys out for supper.

Sunday we celebrated Felix's 3rd birthday a few days early. The bouncy castle was a hit! And there was only a little bit of wrestling.
New bike!
So we've made it through weeks 1, 2 and 3. Week 4 might be the death of us.... I will have limited internets but will try to keep you all updated. Snakes and all. The next hurdle will be keeping Elliot bug-bite free. Otherwise we may end up in Emerg...
Elliot rocks the Vamp, Buffy style.

Ok. Here we go. In the car, everyone. Hi Ho Silver - away!

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