Friday, July 15, 2011

Potty Pity Party

Potty training makes me cry.

Seriously. I hated it with Elliot and am terrified of it now. Thanks, El.

Felix is registered in Elliot's preschool for September. That's 6 weeks away. But if he's not out of diapers, he can't go. It's a lot of stress and pressure on both of us. Well, on me since he doesn't care or even know what's going on. Realistically, he's not ready. But I'm pushing through. And he doesn't care, doesn't get it. Oh, he's excited when he goes on the potty, but mostly because he gets an M&M.

We're 2 weeks in. Initially, I was putting him on the potty every hour or so, letting him run around in underwear or pull ups - but we were going out a lot and he was mostly in pull ups (he loves them, doesn't like wearing diapers anymore). So I got lazy and he just went with it. Being wet or messy doesn't bother him. He often doesn't even recognize anything has happened - he'll get up off the potty and be totally surprised at the contents. Must have just magically appeared. The potty fairy did it.

Now I'm planning to spend the next 3-4 days at home, him pantsless, loading him up on drinks. I hope he catches on. I hate it. It gives me anxiety and I wonder if it's even worth it. But then I look ahead to another year of having them in different daycares and that makes me even more anxious. Coordinating multiple pick ups with different centre closing times in different directions just plain sucks. And, even more stressing, since I've already withdrawn him from his old daycare, chances are slim he'll have a spot again. And waiting lists can be lengthy. Ugh. UGH! In happy news - but also falling firmly in the stress camp if September doesn't work out - I got into my course! Skipped straight to second year, too.

So I spent this morning looking up various 3 day training methods online, most of them cost $$$ but my mind thinks maybe I just need to do that... but then I kick myself for being frivolous. Meanwhile, the livingroom looks like a kill scene from Dexter.

So I'm taking a break and emotionally stuffing my face and he's parked on the potty in front of the TV. Sure, the seat will catch anything, but the TV zombie won't notice a single thing, other than Elmo. I should really rethink this. I just need one breakthrough, one request to go to the potty, a smidgen of notice before he hoses the floor. Anything!

Ok, sage mamas and brilliant readers out there... what would you do in this situation?


grimeysgal said...

There's a video/book/doll at Costco - not sure if they still have it - Henry for boys, Hannah for girls. It was/is still one of G's favorite "movies" lol. She'd sit on it, sing the song, dance around pantsless... It definitely helped her "click". Maybe it would help?

Rainyday said...

Thanks Lyne! We've had a massive breakthrough using one of the 3 day methods. But he's out of diapers totally now, even at night - eep! - with minimal accidents. I'm shocked. Just shocked.

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