Monday, July 11, 2011

They've got rhythm!

I've had headaches for the past month. Weird ones, like a combination of caffeine withdrawal and a sinus infection. But, since I haven't had any caffeine in an impressively long time - beyond infrequent decaf coffees, that I suppose could have been switched out on me by mistake, that and ok, frequent chocolate  - and there's been no sinus congestion or even a runny nose, I'm stumped. I thought maybe it was dehydration and upped my water intake. Had 2 pain free days, then yesterday happened.

There is something extremely heavy taking great pleasure in crushing one side of my face. My nose, teeth, eye socket, chin and even the top of my skull throb with every breath, with every pulse through my veins. I look in the mirror and am surprised my eyeball isn't bulging or leaking blood. I'm taking extra strength ibuprofen with minimal relief.  Sleep gives me more relief - until I get up again, that is. So no sleep during the day, as these goofballs keep needing my attention!

Since it came on so quickly, I'm channeling Arnie and declaring it not a tumor. And since it's lasting so long, I'm going to declare it not an aneurysm, either. (Though I did some research this morning. Apparently they can start slow. *Backs away from Dr. Google*) There's minimal sinus congestion or leakage, but I'm using my cursed neti pot anyway. There does seem to be a blockage on the painful side. Maybe there's a growth in there. Or a dinky car? Crayon? Play dough?

Since I'm such a sharing person, I wanted to really let you experience what I'm going through. Please, turn your speakers up loud and press your face right up against the screen.  Enjoy! (Direct link)


Alicia said...

Get thyself to a doc, woman!

Rainyday said...

Meh. Last night it turned into a sinus thing, so I figure I'm gonna live through it. Hurts, though.

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