Monday, October 31, 2011

Porch Monster

I'm too hyped up on sugar to write a real post.

But I just had to share this picture of my boys in all their Halloween finery, under the Porch Monster that hubby created.
Pure Awesomeness
 But let's look a bit closer, shall we... Felix is off doing his own gymnastic-y thing, but some key details are being overlooked...

The samurai is all YIEEEEEEEE!And the vampire's all VLAUUGHHHHHH!

Just try to keep a straight face while looking at this. I dare you. Hubby and I have been giggling like school girls since I downloaded it and zoomed in. It really does capture the essence of their relationship. Well, minus the samurai sword about to lop off kiddo's head. Those are usually only figurative.

So I'm going to lurch myself up to bed so I can keep my hands out of the boys' treat bags. I promise.
Until next time, catch up on our past Halloween's here, here & here

1 comment:

Alicia said...

Wow, your porch is really awesome. I can't stop eating candy. It's really terrible.

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