Thursday, October 20, 2011

Celebrity crushes

So I have a thing for Pacey.

Ok, ok.

But Joshua Jackson's smoldering Peter Bishop makes me melt. The chemistry between his character and Anna Torv's Olivia is intense. The fierce protectiveness he has towards her, the tenderness. It makes me ache. After each episode, I'm left wanting more. More emotion, more development. The not-quite unrequited-ness of it tears at me. I dream about it.

Which probably isn't a healthy thing. It's an addiction, drawing me into the program, giving birth to the characters, bringing them to life all around me. ...But I'm going with it.

This crush is different from the lust I have towards Johnny Depp. Yes, it's cliche, but Captain Jack Sparrow makes me swoon. It's not often I am overwhelmed with the urge to lick someone. And that spark flickers in all of his character portrayals, no matter how oddball.
I told hubby last year if he dressed as Jack Sparrow for Halloween, I would toss the boys and the candy out in the street and we would cancel trick-or-treating. He was tempted, I'm sure. But maintains that he's not going to stoop to that level. Ever. And by that he means that the "Sexy Pirate" costume is everywhere and overrated. And so he won't. But I can dream. And come on - he's already got the hair going for him! Add in that drawling never-may-care accent and I'll puddle right then and there. BTW, that offer still stands, honey.

Jeff Goldblum. Now that's one you probably wouldn't expect. But he's got that same fierceness, a dark magnetism beneath the surface, and I'm captivated.


Benjamin Bratt. *drool* I was a wavering fan of Private Practice until this season... then he joined the cast. He's been on my radar for years. And now he's front and centre. Makes me happy. And a bit weirded out because sometimes he reminds me of my dad, who is of French-Acadian decent, dark toned and oft mustachioed. (And who is a reader of this blog - let's all say HI to Rainy's dad!)

I'm trending, I know. Tall, dark and ruggedly handsome. With layers and often severe character flaws. But it's the devotion, the near worship of their female counterparts, that makes me quiver. The rawness that seeps out. Makes me feel like I'm right there, that it's all for me.

Give all those writers and directors a hand. They have hit their target market. Well done. And thank you. More, please. Me thinks I watch faaaaaar to much television.

But now, I'll go cuddle up with this guy - my best and lasting trend.


Karen Pokras Toz said...

Mine is Joh Cusack... I can't explain it, but it's been that way since the 80's. My husband knows not to come between us. :)

Karen Pokras Toz said...

Make that "John Cusack" I got so excited, I could get his name out!!

Rainyday said...

John Cusack is a sweetheart! Good pick.

Holly said...

The line in which you use "lick"..hahaha..I love it.

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