Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Ladybugs and backyard shenanigans

Took both boys to my stroller strides class this morning. It went much better than I expected. Elliot stayed in the stroller calmly and watched while 13 women ran up and down the mall, stopping at each point to do 10 jumping jacks or touch the floor. Then there were pushups and crunches and more running. When we first got there, while we were doing laps around the mall, Elliot asked "When are we be to your exercise class?" Cutie pie.

I let him out of the stroller towards the end of the class and he ran happily up and down the mall, doing a length up traveling squats with us, too. He played with his dinosaurs on the yoga mat and got territorial when it came time for me to do pushups.

Then I traded in our double stroller for a fun ladybug car mall stroller and put Felix in the Ergo and we got coffee and muffins (much crying ensued - Elliot wanted "a WHOLE muffin of my OWN" instead of the piece I offered to share and instead his many snacks.) And then he pitched a fit because he wanted the dinosaur car instead of the ladybug and "I don't want number 21. I want a different number. I want the DINOSAUR!"

At least he uses his words. Most of the time.

Calmed him down and it was time for Felix to nap. Managed to nurse him, then we walked around until he fell asleep. Elliot and I shopped for dinosaur swim trunks (no luck) and stroller accessories. (Some luck.) Then Felix woke up, so we traded the ladybug back and headed over to Walmart for new cheap shoes for Elliot to ruin at daycare.

Since it was nearing lunch time and I knew it would be a while before we were home and something yummy was prepared, we stopped at Sobeys for some Cheesy Macaroni from their deli. (YUM!) We got it to go and while I was paying, Elliot whipped Felix in the face with a dinosaur (I think it was the ankylosaur) and broke the skin under his eye. Much crying, but he was soon soothed.

Elliot fell asleep in the stroller 5 minutes later. Somehow, I managed to keep him asleep when we got home and carried him up to his room. Yes! Felix and I had lunch and then we went for a nap, too. (Ok, he napped, I read a book.)

When we all got up again, Elliot stated he didn't want to do anything, so we headed out into the backyard where the boys played in dirt, ate grass, ate rocks, and did general boy things.

Then Elliot helped harvest some rhubarb and we went inside and made a strawberry rhubarb upside down cake. It was delish!

Both boys melted down quickly and I was very glad when Jay got home. Then it was bath and bedtime for both (Felix is sooooo restless!) and whew! Supper for mama and daddy.

Long day.

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