Sunday, June 7, 2009


Such a lovely day today. It took forever for the sun to come out, but when it did, I hung out the diapers while Jay took Elliot for a walk around the block before lunch.

Elliot had a good nap, then we went outside to watch Jay mow the lawn. Elliot dragged out his toy mower and helped, then put all of his outside toys in a line. Then Jay's dad came and picked up Elliot and took him away for the rest of the afternoon!

Grammy & Grampy Silver had a huge pile of dirt in their yard and they said it was very hard to get Elliot out of it when it came time for supper!

Meanwhile, Jay, Felix and I joined the neighbours in their backyard for an impromptu BBQ. Felix had fun dragging himself around their lawn and rolling balls back and forth. Then, he climbed up the 3 steps to their deck. A first for Felix! He's eyed up our steps at home many times, but has only gone so far as to pull himself up to standing at the foot of them. It will be interesting to see what he does the next time he sees them. I remember going out to a movie with Jay when Elliot was about 8 months old. When we came home, Grampy Silver said "Wow, he's sure good on stairs!" Jay and I looked at each other, shocked. Until then, he hadn't climbed them. The baby gate went up the next day.

They brought Elliot home a little after 7 and we slooowly made our way back to our yard and got the boys inside for bath time. Poor Felix had been awake for 5 hours at this point, but he was in a surprisingly good mood. (Refused a third afternoon nap) He crashed pretty quickly while nursing after his bath.

Ahhh. Time to sit, maybe watch some TV. Wine's all gone. Too bad - will have to make sure to pick some up tomorrow.

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Lesley said...

love the new look!!!!!

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