Thursday, June 18, 2009

Naptime, not peekaboo!

Ahhh Felix. I laid down with him for his afternoon nap and endured 10 minutes of him trying to pry my eyelids open. With each nano-second sliver of eyeball he'd reveal, he'd smile wide around his soother and cackle at me. When he couldn't roll my lids up like blinds, he tried scooping out the eyeball instead. And when that also didn't work, he resorted to an old favourite: How many fingers can I stick up mama's nose? How far in can they go before she jumps? How about my thumb? Maybe my pacifier?? Oh joy.

He was stupid tired, but obviously not going to sleep with me there, so into his crib he went. Where he wailed furiously for 4 minutes while I curled up in Elliot's bed and read a book. Then I went back in and rubbed his head until he conked out. And slept for a whole 25 minutes! Somehow got him back to sleep (more head rubbing and back patting) and he napped another 20 minutes or so, and that was that.

Little stinker!

At least he got a full hour's nap this morning. Me too, that was nice. Except for the dream I had which ended with me screaming at my husband "Fine then. I'm getting a divorce lawyer as soon as we get back to Halifax." Fun times. I hate dreams like that, they ruin my whole day.

Speaking of ruined days, I was later than usual picking Elliot up from daycare today (because Felix wouldn't settle in the stroller for another afternoon nap until late, and there was a huge line at the post office). When I got there, he was crying on one of the teacher's laps. Unusual for him. She said it was because they were cleaning up the playground toys and he wasn't done playing with them yet.

His face was filthy - snot mixed with sunscreen and sand will do that - so inside we headed to pick up his backpack and wash his face. Afterwards, he started crying when it was time to get in the stroller and he said he needed a change. Back inside we went again to clean a very messy diaper.

As soon as I started wiping him off, he arched up off the table, screaming and crying for me to stop and to be gentle. Poor little dude, as soon as I wiped him up, I saw a nasty bloody rash. It's very unusual for him to get a rash, especially one that bad so quickly. Cleaned him up, slathered him in diaper cream and took him home. He wouldn't even sit down at supper time, or when he was playing afterwards. Hovered on his knees, refusing to sit. Had another messy diaper before his bath and flat out refused, in hysterics, to sit in the bathwater. More cream, some Motrin, lots of hugs and kisses, and now daddy is putting him to bed. Poor monkey. I hope it clears up soon.

And on that note, my gin and tonic needs to be refreshed. Yum!

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