Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Reunited, and it feels so good!

Just over 13 months ago, at 30 weeks pregnant with Felix, my water broke. I'd been out for a nice walk with a friend and her little girl. We went back to her house, she kept Elliot and fed him supper (then took him home, bathed him and put him to bed) and her husband drove me to the hospital. Long story short, everything resealed and I didn't go into labour. BUT, I ended up in the hospital for 5 days, hooked up to an IV getting antibiotics to keep possible infection at bay, and getting steroid shots to help mature the baby's lungs. The IV made me swell instantly. Before going home that night, Jay took my wedding and engagement rings with him.

I was pregnant and on bedrest for a very looooong time afterwards. The little stinker was 10 days overdue in the end! Bad swelling in my hands and feet. I had horrible carpal tunnel in the last weeks, which lasted about 8 weeks postpartum, too. Washing my hair was miserable, and it would take several attempts with numb, stupid fingers to get Felix latched on to nurse. My fingers never went back to their old size. I kept telling myself it was the extra weight I had yet to lose, that soon my rings would be back on in all their glory. And the days turned into weeks and months and finally a year, then longer still.

Last week, I said enough was enough. I went in to get them resized. Turns out, my ring finger is now a size 7/7.25. And my rings were both size 6.25. Yeah, not bloody likely to fit me any time soon! I got them sized to a 7. Picked them up today. (They still feel tight, but I'm hoping that's just the heat today, and the fact that I was actually jogging ~ !!! ~ this morning.)

Here they are - so pretty! Looking at this picture, man, my hands are in rough shape! Nails bitten to the quick, skin all dry and reptilian. Eeeew! But look, I have shiny bling! That makes everything better!

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