Sunday, August 1, 2010

Sweet boy

Took the boys for brunch at an actual restaurant this morning. Near the end, they were getting understandably restless. Running all over the place. Playing in the elevators. Climbing on chairs at other tables. So what does any sane, normal mother do? Yep, that's right. I poured them a bowl of "Lucky Charms" from the breakfast buffet and let them have at 'er. Kept them quiet and still long enough for us to finish our meals.

These kids have never had any breakfast cereal sweeter than Honeynut Cheerios. They were in heaven.

I continued the trend this afternoon and we snacked on Swedish berries and Smarties in the back yard. (More elicit goodies - stuff I eat allllll the time but never let the boys have. Me share? Never!!) As the Smarties ran out, I had this conversation with Elliot:

Elliot: I want more candy.
Me: Candy's not good for you. It's made of sugar.
Elliot: Can I have more sugar please?


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