Saturday, August 14, 2010

Saturday snippets

Invited a bunch of ladyfriends over to drink with me in my backyard tonight. Gonna take down my mommytail and have a bit of fun, I think.

Had a lovely grown-up outing with hubby this morning. At the grocery store. We made eyes at each other at the meat counter and I goosed him while we were putting the bags in the (borrowed) car.

Serving store bought pirogies fried in butter and BBQ steak for supper tonight. Might be culinary genius. Turned around and saw this peering in at me:

Elliot is looking to become the next Mr Maker - he's hooked on that annoying show and is forever asking me to whip up a batch of gloopy glue out of my doodle drawers. This is his newest creation, a "Dona bug":

Speaking of Elliot, we let him run around with the camera last night and he snapped a few neat pics:

Have discovered an exciting and cheap way to have the house dusted. The boys actually fight over who gets to wear the fuzzy mitt. Must buy lots more.

Couldn't bother fighting with Elliot at nap time so I tossed him in the stroller and we went to the library to return some books (Under The Dome - a thick and thought provoking read.) Lovely walk in the heat. Maybe I can now fit in my so-called skinny clothes? Probably drink it all back on tonight. Looking forward to it, peeps!

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