Sunday, August 15, 2010

Aftermath and deep thoughts

Far too much delicious this last night:
And waaaaay to much of this at 6am:
And certainly not enough of this (yet):

But I definitely needed the fortification after putting Elliot to bed last night. Curled up with him for a few minutes and then had this rather deep conversation...

Elliot: Mama, how do you die?
Me: *stammers* well, some people get sick with a bad disease or get too old or have a bad accident.
Elliot: Mama, what does kill mean?
Me: Well, when you kill something, you make it dead.
Me: Where are you hearing these words?
Elliot: I just made them up!
Elliot: Mama, what does 'give up' mean?
Me: It's when you stop trying to do something.
Me: It's time to turn off that busy brain and go to sleep.
Elliot: When do you get old and die?
Me: People live for a long, long time. Everyone is growing older, but it takes lots of years. 80 or 90 or more.
Elliot: I want to be 100
Me: And you might! People are living longer and longer if they're healthy and eat their vitamins and take care of themselves.
(Daddy comes in the room)
Daddy: Mama has to go do some work now.
Me: Try to turn off that smart brain and go to sleep, Elliot.
Elliot: My brain just keeps going!
(Exit mama)

Apparently he kept going with similar questions for a few minutes. Oy! Not a conversation I expected to be having with an almost 4-year old... he must have heard something at daycare, or I wasn't being mindful when listening to the radio or watching Youtube or something.

Ahhhhhhh, those Electric Pears last night were spot on brilliant. Ended up making a pitcher and a half. A total of 11 oz pear vodka, 2.5 L sprite, juice from 1.5 limes, lots of ice. Shared between 3 of us. We sat gabbing in the backyard until after midnight. The mosquitoes looooooved us. *sigh*

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